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External Drop Tanks
Embrace the fuel drum meta

This is a fairly simple idea. I would like external drop tanks that can be mounted to vehicles to increase range before refuel. Ideally, these would be installed on a vehicle external hard points in lieu of armor/radiator/weapon mounts, and a vehicle would consume them automagically before using its internal fuel supply.

In addition, they should be capable of being jettisoned from the cockpit to reduce weight/impact on a vehicle.

Code-wise, these strike me as an entry-level craftable part of mechanics with the corresponding skillsets. I.E. Aero_Techs can make an aero specific drop tank & auto_techs can make a vehicle specific drop tank.

A final opportunity, drop tanks being modifiable by a skilled explosives expert to act as bombs which detonate upon being jettisoned and hitting solid ground - would be amazing.

I like this, with the caveat that damage to them causes increased damage to a vehicle when they go boom in vehicle combat. Always down for more fuel for vehicles.
I like the idea of aero drop tanks.

I am on the fence with vehicle drop tanks.

This probably comes from "reality bias" given that the former exist today and the latter does not.

It would be interesting if vehicle (road going) drop tanks were treated as some sort of explosive risk. Airborne drop tanks should pose a similar risk. Pilots are trained to jettison the tanks if they think they are going to engage in combat where they need maneuverability.

Every SD motorcycle, everywhere, all at once.