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Explosives Skill Overhaul
Because that don't make no sense

The explosives skill is rather underutilized and some things within the skill are just not logical. What I'm proposing is to fix certain aspects of it to make it better balanced and to add some more explosives.

First off, when using ammunition to craft one type, the ammo stays the same after a successful roll. Leaving absolutely no need to ever buy more ingredients than the main one. Which is hard to explain to people IC as well. "I need twenty of this item, here's twenty magazines." "Uhh, I only needed one."

The molotov cocktails when being crafted have a fairly high chance of yielding two from one bottle, which doesn't make sense in itself. And also require very specific and expensive types of bottles while the other types are fairly cheap, leaving this one fairly underused when otherwise it'd be a more preferable item as far as homemade crafted bombs go.

When making ALL these, the gas level in whatever receptacle you're using never lowers. You just crafted ten ethicol bombs, how do you still not need gas?! Which segways into my next point. The timebombs also have a chance to yield two, but from the main item that is used.. That's also not logical. Albeit, any second bomb crafted will have a lesser quality.

As for non-craftable items, I propose providing a piece of equipment that can make these craftable by players with said equipment. This will also lead to more uses with the munitions skill as well, meaning you can use the same equipment to craft ammunition! This will bridge the gap between war lords, fixers, solos, and bomb techs in a nice way in my opinion because currently the explosives skill is rather niche and I'm absolutely in love with it and would also like to see more homemade bombs!

Ideas for homemade explosives:

Smoke grenades that make the effected area dark

Ethicol bombs made using entire cans of fuel

Pipe bombs that have a 'frag' effect to them

Sonic grenades made from repurposed vehicle security systems

And I'd also like to see an EMP grenade that renders cybernetics unusable, but that can be non-craftable

Projectile mines such as claymores, and IED's with triggers.
Oh. That's good. Bombs with Progia's built into them that go off when you call it.
Homemade explosives are the cornerstone of any good insurgency. While I am sure some things were made for balance. Some things could also be looked into a bit more.

Command detonated bombs would be outstanding and add an entire new level of warfare in Sindome. Right now you have time release and victim triggered bombs, which are okay too, but really lack that “fuck you” element. All you would need is a progia attached to your timebomb.

Turning a stolen car into a VBIED for mass destruction would also be a fun way to eliminate that city block of gangers hanging out.

Suicide rigs? Know you’re not gonna win this one? Flip open that trench coat and press that button arming the best holding all of that homemade explosive.

Also, being able to hide a timebomb or prime it and still being able to keep it mobile would also be optimal, but I also understand that it can be written off as a “stability issue” that it might go off if you’re running around with a primed explosive.

Just some thoughts.

Those all sound CP as fuck, Grizzly.
IEDs with Progias

last thing you see is *brreep brreep* followed by red lines

There's a coded remote detonator that hasn't been used in years that I think could use some love but I'd request it be combined with Freqman radio code for a little more technical love and also be compatible with any explosives but require some electro_tech know-how.

Otherwise, I think Grizzly has this really nailed down here. We need some violent, subversive, and shocking ways to use explosives that increase CP RP. The set it and forget it - pure combat motifs it currently has are great but they don't make for an intelligent skilled bomb maker who keeps themselves miles away from the action like RL.

Furthermore, some of the most hilarious insurgent deaths occur when they are building bombs.

Chance to roll crossing the wrong wire while building like you do for defusing would be hilarious but also add an element of danger.

Danger element + skill craft (not sure if better skill yields better damage) = the ability for a bomb maker to fix pricing and make explosives building alone a viable means of profiting.

I like the idea of better skill = better profit.
I especially love the suicide bomber idea, should be doable on the budget. Call it the revenge of an immie, who otherwise has no real way to get back at someone. And suddenly having explosives detectors sounds like a VERY good idea.
Don't EMPs already exist?
That was in reply to Stiza
A lot of this is IC info.
Not really something you can delve into explaining the issues of without some IC info being spilled.
Yes, so probably better to discuss with the admins directly, considering some of the hard numbers related to everything.

Also, there's some mechanics that haven't been mentioned here yet that would nullify certain suggestions.

I'd recommend opening a dialogue with the GMs before going to much into the granular details here though.

I’m not sure how you can make a flash bang from vehicle parts. Have you been flashbanged before?

Empathy also exist and are kinda easy to obtain if you know the right people. I see kookie survivalist talking about homemade emp stuff and faraday cages and tinfoil hats but I think we should keep the technical explosives to what’s coded.

Emp’s* sorry, on mobile.

I lack any and all empathy so I don’t know why it autocorrected to that.


Just dress your bomb in a dragon print button up and give it a dragon ball z haircut and HolyChrome will be all over it :D

Also, briefcase bombs.

Ability to hide explosives in containers like Pizza boxes etc.
Agree with Grizzly and Reefer. Prog-7 detonator would be amazing. I've seen a remote detonator but if it's codedly useable, it's not obvious how.

@Stiza13: My word of caution would be that explosives are already under-powered and under-utilized to begin with, why would you want to make them harder or more expensive to craft? A lot of your suggestions (use a full thing of ethicol, a higher skill doesn't yield multiples) would increase how much they cost to make, which would also decrease their usage, one would think.

I'm not sure if having a higher skill relates to damage output, but one thing I'd say is that if this isn't already a thing, they should absolutely be graded and you should be able to see their grade when inspecting them, similar to how you can type the street name and quality of a drug using chemical. A professional timebomb should shred the fuck out of everything.

Correct crook. Where as an amateur might put paper clips and needles for their shrapnel effect a real big balls explosive tech is throwing rebar and all bearings in there.