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Expanding @check
Pronouns are painful!

I'm surprised there isn't like a website that you can type it into to verify everything looks right.
I would also like to see this! Granted I don't tailor, but I do help proofing sometimes, and seeing if the variables work would be great for @check.
+1, this would be awesome. Having to change and re-finalize when you put an %o where you meant an %s (or whatever) is a bummer!
Is there a reference anywhere for what all the % things mean?
@ynk, you can try reading the "help pronoun" file. It doesn't include %color though...which is mentioned in "help tailoring".

...holy moly. 😮

No wonder tailoring is such a profitable biz. This is impossible to understand.

It would be nice if it could include tease and blood_description too.