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Estimation of fuse sizing on bombs.
How long is this thing?

I find it odd that you have to light a bomb or grenade or otherwise explosive object to see the fuse size, even as a garbage estimate as you can when inspecting piles of chyen with low per. Perhaps upon inspect/look/check with low per one could see 'long fuse' 'short fuse' 'tiny fuse' and 'massive fuse', etc. This has potential to be built on with perception as to exact measurements, or perhaps if one has a good bombs skill an estimated time amount to explosion after lighting.
Light them up and do some experimenting IC. Do it once or twice and you won’t need to look at it because afaik they return to factory setting when snuffed or defused anyways.
Wait that in and of itself is peculiar. Why do they reset?

I imagine it is a hard fix. Rejoice that you have pipe bombs at all 😬

I mean.

OK. Idea closed, if one should just rejoice rather than attempt to bring new?

I'm just saying it's not a totally broke system and it works, with the exception of what you wanting to do (Look at pipe bomb and see that it has a long/short/whatever fuse) when all you have to do is play with it once or twice and all of your questions are answered. Perhaps it is part of being an experienced street-bomber or explosives maker to dial in the sweet spot for the exact moment to chuck that bomb? I'm just saying as someone who has had this frustration before, I wouldn't expect a quick fix on it. Good luck!
Alright, I suppose. I didn't know it had been brought up in the past. Thanks.