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Enhanced Optical Overlay Module
Do you see what I see?

So this occurred to me last night while I was half asleep and it's a miracle that I managed to remember it for one, and that I got any sleep for two. Anyway...

As far as I've been able to tell, so far, the visual overlay module for cybereyes really only does one thing at the moment. Show the status of your cyberware. I think this is an extremely underutilized piece of technology, and would love to see it become a go to piece of anyone's cyberware outfit.

My thought is thus. The overlay module is granted the ability to scan documents, be they flyers, newspapers, etc. A person can then use a command, let's say '/recall' to scroll through the things they have stored in their overlay. This could open up doors for characters to access that information without others realizing it.

In order to accomplish this, there would obviously need to be some kind of tradeoff. So I would propose that in order to make this work, an individual would need to have a memory module installed to store the overlay's scanned text. These modules could come in various sizes, each with differing PDS and system resource loads. While this would undoubtedly take some time to code, I think it has the most potential compared to the alternative.

This alternative being simply to use the system resources function to determine how much text can be stored.

If we wanted to take things further, the module could be set up, by some external device acting as an interface. You, as the user, would be able to type in something that you would like to be able to recall on your overlay at a later time.

What does everyone think?

It wouldn't actually store the text, we'd just store a reference to the object you had scanned and let you remotely access the objects text from across the moo. Those sorts of things generally aren't editable as is. :)
Works good enough for me. ::grin::