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Endoprine and PDS
shred the meat

Basically, I think that endo's ability to do anything about PDS has been significantly reduced with the most recent update to candy. Problem is probably that you're not able to stack like you could before, which leaves you with just a minor boost that really doesn't do much.

Suggestion is for Endoprine to actually be given special properties to maybe knock your PDS down a level or negate symptoms entirely while it's still working its magic on your system. Otherwise it's really just relying on the stat gain, which won't help unless your case already isn't that bad to begin with.

Yeah, it doesn't stack. Endo /used/ to negate PDS a level before the update but now unless you have very high-grade and are near the threshold, it won't do much.

If endo was to be given these anti-PDS special properties though, I'd expect some kind of heavier withdrawals than we currently have.

Withdrawals are pretty harsh already with how long they last, to be fair. I won't go into detail but the comedown for Endo is enough of a bloody pain that it should maybe just get a boost to its positive effects right now.
Well, yes, the withdrawals of endo are on the mild side of drugs (compared to some others) but usually with how long it takes you to train the related stat to get down PDS levels down (even by one level), if it were to have special properties considering the price of endo too, there -has- to be some kind of con to it.
Even the high for Endo leaves you with some serious drawbacks. Maybe though, would need more opinions and possibly a response from a GM to know what the situation is.
Here's my main concern. This might not be a problem for lower end characters but assume you're a character that takes a considerable amount of UE to train endurance.

When you get your chrome loadout to the limit, that means to reduce your PDS, you'll have to spend a lot of UE into endurance to get that PDS level down. If endo had a flat PDS level reduction, then I could take endo all the time and simply load more chrome into myself without risking going full borg -- avoiding what the curve is supposed to even do (make things harder), for the simple price of a drug.

If this can be avoided somehow I am all for it.

The effects could be limited to just one level reduction so that it won't stop you from going into outbreaks, just with the symptoms of a lower level. Or maybe even have endo only be able to have any effect on your PDS if you're not already at that place where the code would start making you attack people.

I will add that the auto-attack thing makes it impossible to actually RP your character as a chrome junkie if they're into that, but it is likely there for balance purposes.

I'm actually gonna throw an idea out here since it's relevant.

I'd also like something -- maybe a drug or whatever -- similar to what we have for drug withdrawals right now to -stop- an outgoing PDS outbreak. Right now if it happens, and if it's even JUST A BIT, you're basically forced to play it safe and avoid the public. We have this for drug withdrawals -- maybe something for PDS outbreaks would make sense too? Pay for it, get rid of it, continue doing what you are supposed to do.

That's precisely the point of this thread, finding a way to at least lessen outbreaks since they force you to keep your character indoors until they're finished. Maybe just use Endo for that idea but have the price be raised to about where Neva is.
I know it is, but I am talking about when an outbreak happens and there is absolutely zero way to do anything about it. The level of your PDS would be reduced, yes, but if an outbreak still happens you're in for a great day of grabbing people randomly or doing other disgusting things that I'm not even gonna mention.

A way to stop an outbreak that already has happened and is ongoing is something that I'd be way more interested in.

That might actually be far too OP considering it has the same issue you mentioned before. You could just go all the way with chrome and endlessly spam that drug as soon as you go into an outbreak. You'd never suffer the effects of PDS at all if something like that existed.
It could come with some debuffs that affect your stats for the remainder of the outbreak duration, so you can go out and RP and socialise with people in public (without being able to just drug it up and go out to kill or sneak around people again). Especially if it works like the drug withdrawal system we have now. It doesn't need to be a drug, it's just an idea, and has to be balanced somehow to avoid that, yes.
Like a Narcan for PDS kinda thing would be pretty cool.
Endo does help you deal with PDS in my opinion. It works fine in light cases with low load outs as far as I've seen. If Endo isn't really helping then you are probably rocking a LOT of chrome. You can try better Endo maybe. Or take something out. Or embrace PDS.

Also, nobody is forcing you to sit inside when you have PDS. I am not even sure it fits ICly. Why would someone with PDS hide from the meatbags of the world?. There is a limit on how much chrome a character can take on before you start to go mental. I think this is a good thing and that we can all deal with it.

If the best grade of endo isn't working for even the lowest level of PDS unless you're nearly at the point you wouldn't even have PDS anyway, then what's the point? It worked before the latest update because you'd just take more than one pill and the effect would stack, but now it doesn't work at all.

And I'm definitely not saying that PDS shouldn't affect characters at all, as this can be implemented without allowing for infinite chrome loadouts.

The point is that the 'level of PDS' not the sole factor being considered. See an IC Doc for details beyond what I've already stated. in my last post.