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Emphasize 'check' command in aerodynes

A 'check ' command exists for aerodynes, to test out a flight path before actually moving. Unfortunately this commands functionality is effectively negated by simply attempting to fly the desired path (yes, there are use cases for check, but...).

What I would propose is that aerodynes no longer automatically 'check' a flight path before moving, requiring the pilot to actively 'check' routes beforehand instead. The consequence of this would be that if a flight path -is- interrupted by an obstruction, the pilot must make a piloting skill roll to avoid crashing and damaging their aerodyne.

The 3D layout of Withmore is very complex and players themselves are not given visual feedback their characters would notionally have (ie. if a huge spire is directly in front of them), and the navigation maps are extremely difficult to read, so I find it pretty reasonable that the system prevents players from flying into some things.

You could compare it to how you can't drive into buildings or other obstacles.

Flying is already really involved and difficult for players to learn to do compared to other systems, and much more subject to dangerous random failures, I think having to verify every course before flying it would just end up being annoying.

When a player flys a route often enough, they will learn that route, and the 'check' becomes superfluous anyway. A more experienced player will then only have to 'check' their flight path on a new route they are learning. But requiring a manual check beforehand will add a bit more danger to the already advantageous method of travel, while providing more opportunity for PC aero_techs to perform repairs when mistakes are made.
I have to ask, how does this idea add more to the game? Because it seem like its only going to detract, regardless of what you claim it would do.

That 'command' as you call it, is not necessarily present or functional in every single AV.

Check is not superfluous at all, clearly you need to more flight time butterfly. If you think the 'air' is too easy too traverse, I'd like to see you doing manual checks in outer space.


I'd love to try out space flight, but that isn't even a particularly playable or significant portion of the game right now. Space is an edge case as the game is right now, and I am looking at the game from a '99.99%' perspective.

There is nothing in my opinion added by having the checks be automatic and not requiring a piloting skill roll to avoid a crash when you make a mistake. Conversely I think there is a lot added by having pilots make -meaningful- rolls instead of the fairly meaningless ones that are the bulk majority of piloting checks currently.

Agree, to disagree. If the computer was doing all the work, you wouldn't need pilots to being with and a good pilot is never going to crash his AV, unless its on purpose.

So I am not seeing your point, sorry. But please carry on, I'd like to see what other people think about this.

I think the 'check' command is more about the limitations of flight space and how the rooms function than anything else, honestly...but I'd be curious to hear what Johnny's take on it is.