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Electronic Scrambler
Something fun to spice things up

Random idea that just popped into my head:

A scrambler of some variety that effects various scanners in a variety of ways, maybe its craftable or buyable, but its goal is to provide unreliable information, even if its scarier than the actual information.

For instance, say you had a scrambler on your person and powered and stepped through a firearm detector. Maybe it scrambles it and changes it to 0 Firearms Detected....or maybe it makes it go haywire and show more than you may or may not have on you. Same goes for a variety of other scanners.

This could be expanded to various other things like SIC, bodily scans, and other various personal area network related interactions.

Its downside is that its unreliable but I think it would be a very interesting addition to shrouded individuals going places or people fostering specific disguises and needing things to back it up (Oh, don't mind me Judge, I have no firearms nor any cyberware *winky face*)

Maybe specific scramblers could be crafted/bought and maybe they could be tailored by individuals with specific skills to portray a very specific thing (Your scrambler makes it so you are not cybered up, have 3 firearms, and no explosives or something).

Just some thoughts.