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Economy - Items deteriorating
Just an idea that ive been kicking around my head.

so this is just another idea that i want to put out there to see if its of any interest...

It might be a bit too much work to actually implement at this stage but might be cool if it could be...

In short my idea is to introduce the concept of items degrading overtime/use, so each item would have durability and condition. Both the materials its made out of and the skill of who made it would effect its durability. Therefore for instance Corpies could be buying really high quality clothing that's made of delicate material from skilled tailors (as this material would be difficult to work and have a really low base durability) that would need replacing but really shows off their wealth.. where as mixers are looking for sturdy materials and skilled tailors (as much as you can get in the mix of course) to make them as sturdy and hard wearing as possible to last the rigors of the mix and if they cant afford that then any tailor with whatever material they can scrounge, hoping it doesnt fall to rags before their next score..

My thinking on this being :

1st .. it should hopefully lead to a more dynamic economy which would in-turn drive more conflict. Things would have to be replaced rather than hoarded so the drive for needing more chyen or getting another gun or a replacement liteterm or whatever would keep things ticking over and moving faster. Players would have to keep moving and striving and struggling rather than being able to get comfortable and sit on hoards of gear. This would also have the effect that the initial curve to getting things should be lower as prices could be lower. New players would have less frustration at getting onto the first lower 'steps' of being able to afford items that would enable RP.

Obviously high quality items both in terms of durability and function would still require a premium price and therefore require big scores and more involving RP.. but to get a simple low level knife.. or crappy motorbike.. or whatever should be easier to get.. its just going to last less with use and therefore still encourages players to strive for replacements/upgrades again encouraging RP. This 'churn' of items might also help keep the level of the old clutter in check and prevent GMs having to tidy up things like failed crappy clothes . (which i assume they do now to keep us under the total max item limit)..

2. it would really breed and encourage a whole raft of new player lead economy jobs and therefore increase interaction and RP.. people with skills would be in more demand and would really differentiate the Player created/service/repaired times from the auto-created items from the NPC / Stock shops..

This would also encourage both specialization for skills ie for those that want to make the best Tailor in town.. but also might help promote generalization of skills for those that want to be able contribute and provide services across a spectrum.. High end tailors get to really benefit from investing and specializing ue in one skill.. but there is scope for someone that's a general oddjobs repair person, fixing weapons, clothes, armour electronics. etc... that wants to sample lots that withmore has to offer and still never feel like they cant compete because there would be greater demand for a wider range of the same product..

3. Think it might again really help to differentiate between corpie life and mixer life.. More ways and example for corpies to spend and display their wealth ( and more drive for them to keep that job that lets them have the throw away high end lifestyle they lead).. and more scope for the dirty mixers to recycle/reuse and really get into the bargain hunting of 2nd hand gear.. of course those in the mix with the flash to pull it off will really stand out as they can afford clothing that isnt falling into rags.. be able to buy and maintain that samurai sword etc.. etc..

4. Its going to up the ante on things that might result in damage or loss of items more than just the chyen cost of it.. some lowlevel mixer thats managed to beg /borrow/steal and score that sweet new sword is going to have to graft and work to keep it maintained and in good repair, sure they the envy of their gang/street/corner.. but they gonna have to work to keep it.. and what happens when it looks a little dirty and battered and they spent their flash partying rather than taking it to bob to get it cleaned and maintained.. it might break next time they stick it in some chummers face asking for flash.. . and then all them people they pissed off are gonna come lookin to payback... do they take the risk or do they get that old flick knife out and try and land a small score to get the sword fixed?... again .. generating more RP and conflict.

anyway .. its just an idea i've been floating around my head...

I like the idea of degradation but dislike the idea of it being completely degraded into non existence. A degraded item or broken item should be able to be repaired.

The other issue I see is needing NPCs to fill in roles that PCs aren't currently covering. Like Doctors. We always have NPC doctors to handle characters but, we have some PC doctors available sometimes too.

Mama Chai's All 'Round Repairs

You break it, we can fix it.

Baby steps, little grasshopper.

First we need to make the items worth something, then we think about making them break.

Also we already have some iterations of this in the game.

Firearms get dirty and jam to the point of needing to be dismantled to become operational again. Some items deteriorate and go bad, others get destroyed...

all good points oh Master Sensei.. im sure this squarely falls into the category of its already on the list of ideas..

its admittedly a pie in the sky idea as I can appreciate that it would be probably a lot of work to code all of it in and require quite a bit of work tweaking it to get it to sit right..

I just really like the idea as it would allow the economy to be more player driven (surely a goal of the games development) and also make RP enabling items in game more easily accessible at a lower level , which hopefully might reduce some early new player frustration. Before they learn the secret to the game is with RP not Chyen ;)

I do like the existing Iterations in the game and hope that in time it will get expanded to include everything else as well. I for one want to play both a stuck up corpie thats laughing at some poor rags clad down and out mixer.. and that same mixer thats plotting the murder death mugging of said corpie all to steal their shiny new chrome upgrade that i cant afford its upkeep..

but hey that's just me... :)

As it stands now, eyes do not experience decomposition. This should be remedied and then perhaps they can be used with a secure-tech device for retinal locks.