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More ways to not mind your own damn business.

I wanna be able to put my ear against a door and attempt to eavesdrop on a convo, or attempt to read someone's lips, or listen to someone from around the corner more stuff like that. basically the mechanics for "watch" just from different rooms. You could do "watch door w" or "watch w" and the same stuff that comes up for watch ( those messages like this ::e: :n ::'s ::. ) would tell you anything being said or shouted in the room, probably not whispered or mumbled though. That's really it, small suggestion small work.
These are already possible with cyberware.
As Ranger said. Enabling such a mechanic would make certain cyberware useless. Also listening with your ear to the door isn't really going to do much.
Ok i just wanna preface this whole thread by saying, you can make up any logic you want, all it boils down to is if the devs want it or not. You can't just say putting your ear on a door doesn't do anything and be serious. If I need cybernetic enhancements to put my ear on the door, that's fine, it's their game they can do whatever they want with it, but please spare me of the bs arguments i see time and time again on threads like this.
There are already ways to accomplish what you want in-game. I do not forsee any code changes on the horizon that will change this dynamic in any fashion.


This is a public forum, chummer. We all can share our ideas and thoughts and comment on it. It's not just for the 'devs' or staff to give their opinion. You made a public thread, and you're getting the opinion of all the players in game -- whether staff or not.
Yes, and i asked to spare me the bs, you don't have to and i'm not gonna force you to do anything. just a request, and you can't make me not request things. It's a public thread.
I don't think anyone said you couldn't request something. Warlord and I commented on your thread and you went off on us saying we were bullshitting and that you only wanted to hear what the 'devs' would say. Take a chill pill.
No no, I don't only want the devs to say anything, They could say nothing it makes no difference if they want to add this they will add it. It's just there's no reason for those excuses. It's not warlord, it's just i talk to people a lot and often times when talking about something such as a mechanic for a game, like eaves dropping, they are just dishonest in their expression of what they feel. It's one thing to say "the devs don't want that to be added as it will mess up the cyberware's usefulness." Its an other to say "you cant do that in real life so why would it be in the game" Well you can do it in real life, you can't use a cybernetic chip to communicate with millions of people telepathically, doesn't mean it can't be in the game, because it's a game, it's supposed to be fun for everyone. Sometimes instead of people saying "nah that's gonna mess up the game" they start giving me reasons that are too easily rebutted and when I tell them "i disagree here's why" then they give an other excuse, then an other excuse, then an other, non stop. I want to skip all that, if you think this won't be added, great, that's an insightful opinion that i could benefit from hearing about why you think it. But saying you can't listen through a door is just pointless and won't get us anywhere.That's all i meant, any aggression u felt (warlord) is not directed towards you, it comes from other people that do what I just described and they make having honest thoughtful conversations hard because they won't just say what they feel. They (not u) feel they have to give some real life reason for what they say when they don't and it makes discussing things hard, that's why i was a little bit jumpy sorry.