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Eat mRc off

I wish we could eat mRc off objects -- especially, off other people, but generally using any sort @social target.
.pose putting mRc on Pavane's buttcheeks. I .snort it right up.

eat mrc

We do that often -- but mRc has a long emit about breaking open a capsule under your nose.

Another option would be for there to be a 'short' eat mRc that didn't have that involved emit, you know? But right now it's like --

Pavane snorts mRc off alkaline's buttcheeks.

Pavane pushes a mRc capsule out of its bubble pack and pulls it apart under her nose, snorting its contents quickly.

And that's a little weird. It would be fine if it was:

Pavane snorts mRc off alkaline's buttcheeks.

Pavane snorts a mRc capsule.

It's handwaving. You have to literally do it all the time in this game because messages don't usually align with how your character does things. Just ignore that line. It's not too hard to do :)
Part of the problem might come when someone could use this to abuse eating someone's mrc in their inventory. Maybe. If mrc is an object then the devs would probably have to let you 'wear' it, kinda like a sticker, and then make it consumable from there.

That's my guess, anyway.

Yeah, I'm not suggesting that it take mRc out of that person's inventory. Just looking for a way to mitigate the very descriptive mRc emote which may not match the IC.
Honestly, this is a pretty corner-case scenario, anyway. Much like emoting/posing around eating food and smoking, just play it out. Everyone understands replacing the static, coded messages with actual poses, and I think most people appreciate the effort.
Slither mentioned something about doing it with stuff like booze at one point. (At least I think it was Slither), where he mentioned posing and emoting using the item rather than using drink, then just downing the drink for the mechanical effect later on.

Basically, that works. As long as a drug is consumed, just handwave the messaging.

Imagine the metagamey automated function of snorting marcy off somebody's body part out of blue.

Makes me giggle thinking about it, it's kinda like hugging or kissing socials but only worse.

As Hippo and alk have said, it is a hand wave situation. This scenario pops up constantly in RP in the same way that a person may make a pose to sit down on furniture in a unique way before sitting. Or may pick up a hurt friend before grappling them. Or eating/drinking/feeding someone something. We have a coded system for object use that would be a lot of time and effort to change for single cases, like snorting marcy of your chummers bummer.

This is where poses come in and where the community understands that if you make a killer pose, and then 'break open a capsule of marcy before snorting the contents up your nose' that they'll ignore the latter, vanilla part.