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E-Notes + Mcguffins Overhaul
The file is in the computer, chumbolo.

The below are a few core gameplay changes to E-Note, Encryption, and McGuffins to extend the overall potential for gameplay and specific archetypes - namely pickpockets, deckers, and to an extent ripper-docs.


Handed out prior on defacto nebulous tangible RP items. McGuffins will now be handed out in the form of e-memory modules. The core functions of McGuffins will now be e-note in-line commands only relatable to .project files. Project files can be copied but will be subject to a local encryption matching the SIC key encryption of the correlation megacorporation.

The implications of this are numerous but essentially the first copy of the .project file turned in wins.

E-Note Encryption

The secure/unsecure feature of an e-note will be removed in its current capacity and instead be used to apply an encryption to the file identified. The encryption used will be limited to those correlating with those on the user SIC chips AND those stored locally on the device. Whenever a SIC chip encryption key is used on a e-note, a local copy of the encryption key would be stored.

Deckers would have a deeper purview into an e-note and encryption keys stored locally. Old outdated SIC keys and encryptions would become ubiquitous across the scene such as outdated details of long since completed corporate project and other tidbits.

E-Note Modification

With these new changes, updated security measures would be needed for e-notes. I would propose 3 tiers that mirror the current offering of credchips but most be installed by a electro_tech.

Whereas most e-note mods are plug and play - security would be the purview of a tech.