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Drop singular article option for @name
No plural modifiers and shorter @name length

When creating clothing, the player can specific whether the @name is grammatically plural or singular -- and if plural set a plural modifier.

Is the new name of this in the plural form, as in 'black boots' or 'silver pants'?

Enter `yes' or `no'

1 set of

2 pair of

3 bundle of

4 pack of

5 bag of

6 something else

Type Which one? or `@abort' to abort the command.

If instead there was an option to drop the indefinite article entirely on plural @names (average mona wearing @name instead of average mona wearing a pair of @name) it would allow shortdescs and some clothing @names to be more concise (black jeans instead of a pair of black jeans).

Sounds like you're after "black jeans" instead of "a black jeans"?

What does the "something else" option allow you to do?

It prefixes any modifier to @name, but that @name will still always follow 'wearing a...' so it still has to make that singular article to plural noun adjustment.

So you can set 'drekload of' but not 'some', for instance.

This would be a great change. There's a lot of times I wish something could be plural without being 'a pair of'.
Be tricky when there's more than one.

"You see three some black jeans."

I meant that more as illustration that you had to specify collective noun prefixes. Count nouns will almost always be grammatically incorrect (wearing every black jeans), but non-specific plurals should work I think (you see three black jeans).
It also makes complete sense why plurals are handled as singular collective nouns, since it significantly reduces all the weirdness required to deal with English grammar and how different plurals are handled.

The way it's set up now, the game code can safely assume all object nouns are singular when creating feedback to give to the player.

I'm sure an option like this would break something, somewhere. I'm just a big fan of making @names as short as possible when conveying what they are.

Another idea from 0x1mm to remove game features, I see?
Carthago delenda est.