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Driving/Expressway Suggestions
Not Cars, Just driving

Here is a brief partial list of all the suggestions I've come up with in a few months. but here we go.

First off,

Expressways, I enjoy the expressways but there's numerous issues with Syncing here, especially with cars, and the last time I suggested a way to fix them I had cerb on my throat saying, "We changed it to this because people were going up to gold or from it in less than 15 seconds"

Problem here with this reasoning. You can still do that. Third gear on a vehicle I have driven gets me to gold in less time than that actually. Traffic or no.

And there are several issues inherent in the syncing here. First off, it's possible to slip in between traffic cycles basically, this is likely a bug, because it's very inconsistent. but you can know you've done it when you hit the room, get a traffic message and immediately proceed. Basically, right now in your car if you hit the command as soon as you land in the room and get caught by traffic, you can manage to slip past, SOMETIMES. There's a different thing where if you repeatedly try, you SOMETIMES maybe, can beat the message about traffic moving by about 4 seconds which is enough to clear the room before the notification. These are likely sync issues with the messaging system, and probably would be hard to fix... Without arbitrarily fixing the rate cars on expressways move in traffic...These are incredibly hard things to pin down, and I don't even know how to report them beyond just explaining it like this, with sometimes' and maybes. Traffic is very mindless gameplay anyway, and most times I just zone out while doing it.

So here's my thoughts regarding getting around these syncing issues. First off, in traffic, have a set wait timer on a per room basis rather than a per car basis. Have it have a room message in white or red similar to fires and have messaging in the rooms proceeding them that can be noticed by the observant( things like A Traffic jam is starting ahead, a cluster fuck of twisted traffic resides to the DIR or something). Once the jam happens fully close the exits off to vehicles. After the jam clears, or if you're on a bike, open the exits up. And proceed as normal. This moves it from being a cpu cycle consuming flag on every vehicle that's tested constantly. To something that can be monitored from on high and passed through each room. And it also makes a bit more sense than just randomly seeing a cargo van or ambulance scream past in the middle of what is a massive traffic jam for you.

Make it a decent skill check for bikes to get through jammed rooms as well.

Finally for this one if I've entered a drive command, lock me into that drive command and proceed with it after the traffic has cleared.

Next up messaging issues... Driving on the expressways is confusing, hell just driving in general is confusing... Where are you pointing? are you gonna trigger a turn to get out of this garage? On the expressways especially because every room is the same if I have a trafick jam with the current system stop me I basically have to scroll up sometimes up to 4 rooms to see which turn I'm on. Otherwise I somehow do a Uturn and flip around on a very fast moving causeway.

Solution, have cars indicate facing on the internal L and the External L... Something like parked here is a Katana 9000 facing west. And an internal compass that displays facing similar to an Aero in the cars.

This also aids in making cars that move more likely to be spotted, making spotting vehicles that don't move a slight bit easier.

Next up...

Let us stop mid turn. Just stop the car as the turn is completes, I don't use an entire city block to turn in a car... Letting you stop mid uturn or turn to stop after said turn completes would greatly aid in the confusion of traffic and rooms as well. And you already turn and then move... So it should be easy to allow a car to trigger stop driving mid turn.

Next up...

In the hopes and dreams section, but please unify vehicle command commands, let me use drive n n n n e s w on a motorcycle or make cars require a specifier like bikes do, drive car to n n n e s w to basically aid people who go from bikes to cars not having those commands interfere in their ooc brain. I understand this might be some difficulty due to how vehicles are implemented but this change would do some good. Especially as bikes fill in for starter entry level vehicles usually.

That's all I got for now, I may post more in here later though

Mostly everything here is fine, but I still disagree with making things harder for characters that use bikes. Bikes can only be used for transportation, whereas four wheelers have multiple purposes and are a lot safer. Anything done to reduce the effectiveness of the only thing a bike is good at makes them a far less logical option than anything else.

Yes, there are bikes that are cheaper than cars but there are also bikes that rival the cost of or cost more than certain cars, which defeats the argument they'd still have the advantage of being 'entry level'.

"Finally for this one if I've entered a drive command, lock me into that drive command and proceed with it after the traffic has cleared."

This is intended. It's so you can't just use a macro every single time and to make things harder for the player.

To that ranger I would ask? Is repeatedly editing the same command to spam into the queue as traffic progresses engaging gameplay?

Is it actually difficult? It it actually making things harder? Or is it making it tedious?

It's not about gameplay or it being easy. Being stuck in traffic is tedious both IRL and it's supposed to be frustrating IC too. That's why it feels tedious. It's indented. It stops you in your tracks, doesn't let you just idle while going through the express tubes and has you pay attention and repeat the command on purpose.

I see your point, but from a mechanics perspective, balance mechanisms that prevent player to player RP are less desirable. Say you allow vehicles to continue on via their macro through rush hour with their slower pace. The driver of the vehicle now has the attention to spare to focus on posing and conversing with another player, rather than just wait with the next room direction loaded into their input window.

I don't think traffic forces you to wait with the drive input there. You can simply converse with whoever and pose whatever you want while waiting for the traffic clear message to pop up. It'll delay you a couple of seconds but I don't see how traffic interrupts RP -- It doesn't lock your input bar. That's on you the player.
There's a window of about 15 seconds when traffic clears before you get caught in traffic again.

So you basically have to construct poses piece meal as you drive. Or you run the risk of being stuck again for another 15 seconds of waiting without anything to do.

It's randomized.
Why does the exact timing of a traffic room matter when RP is most important? Stop stressing over "ah fifteen seconds this and seventeen and a quarter that"

It's not about efficiency, just rp and go as it goes. You won't become eternally trapped in a room.

I think a good compromise would to keep 'drive direction' as is in traffic, but to cut back some of the amount of traffic time there is in game.
Dani, because often times, in fact most times you are alone in a vehicle, and often times unable to RP... So those 17 seconds here, 15 seconds there, start to add up into a massive amount of tedius HAVING to do the same action over and over again before RP...

The reason I suggest allowing it to auto proceed as well, is not just to reduce tedium, but also to reduce command spam, and should be paired with the suggestion above it. Because if you revamped traffic like that, the mode of thought would go from spamming a move dir dir dir command into spamming look.

There are ways to make traffic compelling as well. And it's by making it require more attention or input than just redoing a command after a ticker arbitrarily decides you can move on...

With the Traffic as a fire like system, you could with high skills notice traffic starting to cage in around you, which you might be able to avoid, by accelerating. Which adds an element of risk for rookie drivers. Do you want to accelerate and maybe skip this traffic jam? But you'll run the risk of crashing... Or do you want to disappoint your passenger by getting stuck there for a bit till it starts to clear. Hell I'd almost say add a speed penalty near traffic areas for cars and less so for bikes.

There's so many better more compelling ways to do traffic than the current system, that I can struggle to name all of them.

Traffic as a fire. Occasionally basically molotoved in various spots on the map, just clogging up those areas utterly if it gets out of control.

Traffic as a moving blob on the map. The slows and stops you at various points.

Hell even as crashdown said, rather than making the entire expressway trafficy at certain times of day, make it more isolated checks, reduce the amount of traffic total, keeping it the same mechanically. But slowing you down for an arbitrary random period after the traffic jam is cleared.

For the record, I'm not saying that: I'm saying a cut down on the total hours that 'traffic' time exists in game would be a nice compromise.
Yeah it would be.