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Distant Vehicle Movement
see vehicles moving around in more situations

Currently, unless you are on the ground, you will not see aeros moving around you. I think it would be useful to not only see aeros moving around in the distance while you are on the ground, but to also see -every- vehicle that is moving nearby regardless of your current elevation. So if you are walking on the ground, you can see the rapidly approaching motorcycle, or if you're airborne, you can see the aero flying around northeast of you two elevations down.

This could lead to more opportunity for car chases and the ability to ambush vehicles that are approaching you.

This could be an interesting change for sure, though I'd want to see it handled carefully due to spam concerns. A single aero in the vicinity already causes borderline obnoxious levels of spam IMO.
the overall range could probably be based on speed as opposed to elevation as it currently is. Match the range the vehicle is visible from in rooms to the 'speed' it is going.

As I mentioned in that previous thread, the movement messaging from a single AV can make the game basically unplayable in certain circumstances, extending that to all vehicles or creating a wall of spam every time one AV crosses by another sounds like a nightmare.

IIRC driving and flying are supposed to be spammy in order to simulate how chaotic they are.

I feel like important airborne AVs should be able to see other nearby important airborne AVs. Unless that would be too powerful?

Flying is spamming for everyone else moreso than the pilot. Extending the 'noise' of AVs to all vehicles would be an occasional chaotic nightmare of spam for a lot of rooms, including every room with a street-facing camera.
Well that's why I suggested only other airborne AVs.
I find myself simply asking: why?

@RSB I don't want to go into specifics of what you got going on, but this is just another example of an idea submission that personally benefits you in a way that minimizes your IC risk.

RSB, please consider the opposite side of the equation: Imagine for just a moment a baddie you want to smack around ICly is able to get a job working at some IC fast-food restaurant and is given a burger-lobby uniform that required you to buy expensive anti-burger uniform guns AND XHELPing staff before being able to attack them. That's a problem, right? Now consider that the burger-lobby employee isn't actually required to take their uniform off to go about and do all kinds of wild and crazy plot things.

You'd probably find yourself extremely frustrated with the situation.