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Disguises and the Bank
Loans and chyen for you!

A large thing keeping me (and likely others) from the loan system is the inability to access it without exposing themselves in a way they dislike.

I propose the ability to access it (and the bank) while disguised. Maybe only with contacts and wigs, maybe all disguises, but since the messaging of the bank already says you can't access the bank without SIC, why do they care if you are wearing some contacts when they can read your SICID?

I would be getting loans left and right if I was able to pull them while disguised in some way, and I suspect others would as well.

I think the methodology to commit wire fraud as it stands now is a pretty good one but I would stress that the underlying bank code needs to be changed before this is.

Bank accounts are based on certain variables which could use a review.

I would love fraud being added to things, but in this case this is solely accessing systems when disguised. I have run into a bunch of roadblocks of avoiding systems because they expose a disguise in a meta way, but if that was removed in the case of loans, I would be INFINITELY more willing to take loans from even the shadiest of criminals long as it wasn't a automatic red flag just accessing the terminal.
I think with the change to how the bank works in using the SIC system, we should let disguised people access the bank unless they're explicitly blocking their SIC.

How would this affect people with SIC rips?
If not mistaken, they already have issues accessing the bank (as of last I was in that position) but that has been a while.
How would this affect people with SIC rips?

That's a really good question. For now, the code protects them - which arguably makes some sense...maybe. This needs to be thought out and measured before the obvious though.