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Disguises and NPC assistance

Currently, if you have sufficient clout with a faction that they'll assist you in combat, they will do so whether or not you're disguised. I propose they don't do this if you're disguised, as they don't know who you are.
Seems reasonable.
Depends. There are going to be situations where a PC has recently spoken to one of these NPCs that's right next to them and putting on a disguise wouldn't stop them from knowing who the PC is.

This is just one example though. Seems pretty difficult to code this in a way that wouldn't stop NPCs from recognizing a disguised PC when they should.

Ah, yar, didn't think of that. Although, whipping off your disguise if you want your NPC allies to help you in a fight doesn't take a combat round does it?
When PC's stop recognizing there friends even though they're disguised maybe there NPC allies can too.
I'd have to agree. If you are disguised you can't have it both ways.