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Disguise and Decoys

So, this may not be possible due to game things, etc

But it would be really nice if at a certain level of disguise, you could emulate another named character. Maybe it requires a certain amount of exact replications of nakeds using a specialized tool/temporary biomodding to not become too overpowered, but I think the ability to move disguise into being a tool to facilitate RP instead of just hiding would be interesting.

High end corporates could hire body doubles (NLM stunt doubles perhaps?), syndicate members could use it to stave off attacks, or facemen could use it to prevent issues. RP wise, it would lead to fun situations and countermeasures to thwart attacks but still get a target.

This can already happen with two people being masked average boy or whatever, but being able to have two Joe Bakas would be the next step up for those of applicable skillset.

Down for discussion

I think anything that rewards high investment in this skillset is needed and though it wouldn't be used in the was you described all that often its still super cool and would add another layer of intrigue to the game.