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Its a pain in the ass...

I don't think a single loss of a combat round is enough for disarm...

Someone can sit in guarded and disarm to their heart's content if they are fast enough...

Some ideas regarding it...

Disarm could drop the disarmer's defense for a single round.

Disarm could not be able to be used unless you are neutral, offensive, or kamikaze... (If you are trying to protect yourself... you won't be looking for an opening to disarm...)

Disarm could make you lose TWO combat rounds.

Disarm could only be used after a succesful parry.

Disarm could only be used once in several rounds of combat. Or once in a single combative fight.

Disarm could give disarmee a free hit, or chance to hit. (Like a counter attack...)

... or you could be faster ...  ;-)
Sitting there fighting someone in guarded who does nothing but disarm is NOT very combative.

In fact, disarming from guarded does nothing... because you don't attack in guarded. You are focused SOLELY on keeping yourself alive... which is why I say you should have to be neutral or above to disarm.

i didn't go gaurded but once if your're speaking of me, and i lost then anyway haha.
Actually i can never seem to disarm anyone when I really need to.  *snickers*

Then I get my ass handed to me.  Fun fun.

On a similar topic, guarded isn't blanced it seems, if two people attack you and you go guarded, you will counter attack both of them, thus giving you a lot of attacks. �Maybe only being able to counter attack the person you are "attacking" (whoever attacked you first or whoever you typed kill/attack toward).
and since disarming is an offensive action, you shouldn't be able to do it while defending yourself, same for grapple.

(Edited by Hirononbu at 7:18 pm on Jan. 5, 2004)

Dude, I didn't know that.  That makes guarded a much more powerful tool (that is if its meant to be like that).  Maybe it'd still be possible but the stat rolls would be penalized a bit?
If I remember correctly, it's like that.  When I was fighting some people in Riot Gear earlier, I went to guarded and was kicking both their asses.  And that just isn't right.  I like being able to kick people's asses, but I'd rather it be cause my character is a hard core sob than combat loop-holes.
I think the best solution for disarm would be not letting a charcter pick up the disarmed weapon for 3-4 rounds....
I think that used to be the case.  But it seems to've been changed or something.
Still, even if the other character doesn't take your weapon, being without it is still a big disadvantage.
Actually, disarm can be an offensive action, but it can also be a defensive action - I've gone to a few Aikido demonstrations and the man disarming usually waited for them to strike.

So, how about making disarm a 'counter-attack' type - @counterattack me is disarm, so when you do your guarded-mode counterattack, you attempt to disarm instead - or maybe even require that disarm be entered when it says "you catch so-and-so in a vicious counter-attack". In that window of opportunity. That, and an offensive/kamikaze only option.

I was looking for the original post where people were talking about disarm, but I found this one, it makes many valid points. so I figure this one will do to voice my thoughts on it on.

I seem to recall that for a while, when you disarmed someone, the weapon became hidden in the area, so people couldn't pick them up during combat. It was better like that, but, my biggest dislike of disarm has always been that it seems far too easy to do.

if everyone's kicking weapons out of each other's hands, it rather takes the drama out of a firefight, because a few rounds in, it's a fist fight.

Maybe this is another case of a tool being over used by players, rather than a direct problem with the code.