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Digital Forensics
Deleted? Nice try

Just as in the real world field of Digital Forensics and Incident Response(DFIR), it would be awesome to have a way to recover deleted files from memory(Progias, e-mems), perhaps using some combination of systems and forensics?
This is a very interesting idea. I am not ready to implement this just yet (I would like to think on it), but I think the most optimal path would be to have the filesystem ignore hidden routes and have a hook that determines if a player can access a route, by default true. But then when hidden routes get implemented, this logic gets buffed up so that if it is a hidden route, depending on which, it determines a skillcheck or what ever else.

Issues I can foresee is this taking up memory space and also needing a way to clean it up.

Alternatively, a slot-based system that stores the last X amount of deleted file contents. Issue is this would clash with the image rendering and rendering of other things.

There must be a solution, so more thinking needed.