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Decker jobs in the field
Get those nerds onto the streets.

The gist of this idea is to add some new verbs and tools to the game that will empower decker archetypes and give them a more direct PvP role in the world. Any mention of a skill or stat in the following document is for illustrative purposes only, and if it happens to align with something deckers already do, that's purely accidental and caused by my ignorance of the depths of the decker system.

New Verbs

Program - New Verb

When in posession of a collection of items, a character with the skill may attempt to create various one-use programs. D34dZ0n3 (Deadzone), Genie, PWN, and Geppetto are amongst the initial ideas. Each would require a memory module (consumed. Any size.), an electronic networked device (consumed. Progia, Critterdex, grid term), and a skill check which will create a one-time hack of the chosen type with a quality based on the programmers skill.

Analyze - New verb

When the 'Analyze' verb is run against a location while using an appropriate term, a skill check this will initially return a matrix_ID for the location. When run against a player, a SIC_ID is given instead. Against a thing some unique number is given that allows the decker to target that specific object (I don't know what would be good for this.)

Pen - New verb

Running the 'Pen' command on a location (pen 0,0,0) will perform a skill check to gain access to the local net. From there, the decker will have a menu with options on attack vectors to attempt. Depending on the level of skill of the decker and the hardness of the room, the penetration will be logged and NLM gridworks will be auto notified by their key, listing both the target and the source locations.

Running the 'Pen' command against a SIC_ID or Thing requires the decker be in line of site of the thing or player being targeted (Meaning if you have telescopic lenses, you could hack from several rooms away, as long as you can 'aim at' the room. Again, a skill check is made, however there is no auto-notify sent out to gridworks on a check that runs below threshold. Upon a check that succeeds at any level, a menu will come up giving the decker their attack options.

Example Programs

D34dz0n3 - Deadzone is a program (Run a plot to have a player create this?) that will reduce SIC signal in a room AND(?) adjacent matrix_ID's by 5 (equivalent to an EMP or DEAMP). This effect lasts only a short time (Maybe 30 seconds). This uses a check to to accomplish, with the level of success determining both the duration of the deadzone created, and possibly the radius (if possible).

Genie - Open sesame. Genie can be used with a check to target list based authorizations, and gives the user access to the specifically targetted door 3 times, or for up to 1 hour, whichever comes first. This does not bypass any other requirements to open the door (eye doors require the user to present their eye. hand Doors require a hand. Etc). This attack vector does nothing against code-locked doors.

PWN - Own the network. The PWN program can target surviellance devices with a skill check, and allow the decker to either power them down, or temporarily link into the feed (duration dictated by skill check success).

Geppetto - Geppetto uses a skill check to target a character's cyberware. Geppetto is consumed upon the launch of the attack, with the success level determining which systems the attacker can gain access to. The attacker may choose one to cause a malfunction in. Their skill level will determine the severity of the malfunction and possibly its duration. Of note, as this is directly a PvP skill, the attacked party should get a warning that they are under attack in some way.

I really appreciate the level of detail and work you've put in here. I don't want people to get the wrong idea, though.

This isn't the direction we're taking hacking in the game and we already have existing, documented plans that include very purposefully not adding functions/verbs in game in the interface proposed.

We will not be doing this. But again, thank you for making a well thought out suggestion.