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All the good things need not be only on TeeVee.

This is a suggestion inspired by the ooc channel earlier today. How could we make Deathball a game to be actually played.

This is a brainstorming thread to come up with ideas and help the coders. This is just -my- idea. Any feedback is welcomed. I preface by saying that I don't know how the game is coded or the engine's limitations so things I will suggest might not even be able to be coded.

With that said..

I think there should be two kinds of deathball. We talked about three but I'm not going to say anything about it. Street and corporate (third one was AAA if someone wants to add to that.). Street deathball for the mixers, corporate for well..corpies.

1) Deathball.

I suggest everyone to read The Mind page for Deathball. Some nice history on it, plus..the rules.

2) Street Deathball.

Street Deathball is for the mixers. It's the grounded (literally) version of the game. Lots of profanity, gore, high stakes and..death.

Every team wants to score more points than the opposite team, players are not allowed any armour or weapons in the game. The only thing going in the field with them is the Deathball and any chrome they have on them. They cannot directly attack other players, only the ball can do that. What they're allowed is to move, pass the ball to someone, throw the ball to someone, grapple or trip someone and score. It's a ground based game where the winning team's players get a reward on either hard chy or Chrome depending on the tier of the game.

Game has different tiers. From casual fun, to training to professional. The higher the tier the better the rewards and the worst the danger. At casual fun between friends the rewards are bets between them and their circle, or nothing at all, but also the danger is minimal wounding at the end of every half term by the ball. In training, there are small amounts of chy rewards depending on the team's resources (something like the rewards on UMC, where the winning team will get an amount of chy that will spread throughout the players.). The danger is increased with the ball having spikes that randomly injure the players for minor damage and holding the ball for long periods of time stuns the player and does minor damage. At the end of each term the ball explodes dealing massive damage to the player holding it which might or might not result in death based in previous injuries. Team's start having medics in the roster to stabilise, even resuscitate players.

Lastly on the professional level, there are big rewards, either in chy or Chrome for the players of the winning team, chrome usually reserved for the MVPs of each match. Chrome has to be something that would help in the game in some way, so no nails for example. The spikes deal moderate damage to the player and the explosion is almost certainly a death for the person holding the ball and others that might be in close proximity.

The ball -has- to be either held or in air, except when a point is scored so players can't drop it to avoid explosions and the spikes or explosions will happen when the ball detects is being held. Anyone not obeying that rule simply stalls the game and is terminated for the rest of the match. Ball shocking and stunning is a feature that keeps the game fast and applies to all tiers with different damage thresholds in each tier.

Moving players add a spectacle to the game and also helps with different builds. Either being agile and fast to confuse the enemies and catch them of guard or burly and soak up damage, or even good at spoting things so you have a better chance to goal.

3) Corporate Deathball

What we know Deathball to be. A spectacle. Big translucent sphere, anti gravity and gravity vortexes in the field and so on.

Players traditionally came from corpsec but lately professional players have started joining as well. Same rules apply as before with a few differences. The training and the fun tiers, both happen in VR space. Instead of medics to resuscitate players, QuickCloning tech drops them in the game again in no time. The rewards are much bigger and the danger is smaller on professional tier and non existent in lower tiers.

Professional matches are televised to the whole dome, and the tech...Corps like NLM and ViriiSoma use the event to showcase their latest breakthroughs. Random gravity vortexes keep appearing and disappearing in the field throughout the match making the movement and tactics harder to accomplish, the rest of the field is in zero gravity mode except those patches and the noise from the fans and the commentators cover up any slurs the players might throw against each other, compared to the street version of the game that are used as an intimidation tactic.

Thoughts? Let's make this a thing.

I'd rather have AV rappelling but sure sounds cool.
While I love the rules of Deathball, outside of a handful of players, no one would be playing deathball on the corporate level. It is specifically marketed at the moment ICly as super megastars who live on Blue, with super fast cloning and who can throw about money like no ones business. And while street deathball would be a cool idea, thats something you can make up IC instead of getting someone to implement it. There is a portion of Red based around Deathball and Im sure a group of individuals could make a simple prop and play the game if they wished.

What I do think would be cool is having scripted Deathball matches, like many of the other TV shows, for people to watch, bet on, etc.

So, just a few quick tidbits...and I can provide more details/suggestions as questions are asked or statements are made.

Chrome in Deathball is not the end-all-be-all. Think of professional Deathball as a testing ground for experimental tech by every corporation involved. The chrome you're able to get as a regular Citizen of Withmore pales in comparison to that which is divvied out to players. Each team uses specialized tech pertaining to there corporate sponsor.

As for the live deathball games worth watching, if you want to chime in on the Deathball thread started in script development - the main thing needed is "plays" if you can build a few plays using scripting that can be integrated into a TV script then it can be built out further to produce a somewhat random televised game worth watching. This should include players actions and commentary.

That said, just because I came up with Deathball and Slither creating a betting system doesn't mean anything is written in stone. Toss out ideas, open it up, etc. This is a crowdsourced endeavor and the more love it gets the better. <3

Sort of a side note here, but I would love to have actual DeathBall games on television. We get the players, they're strengths, and scores every week. How about a game?? Maybe just highlights as they would be easier to write?

You can kinda gleam where I'm going with this link here. Deathball should be seperated in players, plays, and commentary.

If we each take turns building plays they can be turned into highlight reels accordingly. It's just about generating content and going from there.

It sounds like Slither is also looking into making it playable IC as well. So consider this a two-fold project.

I rememember wanting so much for Deathball to be played IC. Maybe even by players, which would be -amazing-. I'll take a look at the script page and see what I can do.
What if the SHFL model was applied to Deathball, and the "Deathball game player" could be separate from the real placer character in Sindome. That way dying, chrome, and all that jazz could be done for "Deathball In-Game" and apply to the regular IC character. Or however that would work.
Will be short as I'm typing from phone but these are three things that I wanted to address actually.

1st) Chrome. I suggested it as a reward because it made sense to me that for example if you're a good player, the team might want to invest in you with nanos, either to boost your strengths or keep you alive for longer. I completely understand how you meant it in the Lore page Reefer, but I can't really see how this could happen in-game. Maybe the experimental tech will come into play at the AAA level? I don't thing that Devs time should be spent coming up with experimental and potentially unstable chrome for flavour, however much I would like it.

2nd) Scripting

I'd love to help with that but I don't know the scripting language so... I'll leave it to someone else for now.

3rd) I already proposed the VR to be part of it, for corporates lower tiers. Maybe even add it as a game as well like Riot. But it's Deathball. In my opinion it should keep it's danger and risks in general. It's a gritty and bloody sport. Making it full VR in all types and tiers to me sounds like saying that since we got Riot already, why have any conflict in the game and not just resolve everything in Riot?