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Cyberware illegal modding

Say you're a tech junkie, cyber fiend. You love cyberware. You know a ripper. He's installed all your chrome and you're still not satisfied that your PDS is the most superior of all cyberjunkies. Your ripper just so happens to know a thing or two about the tech he installs and knows a guy who can crack saedors coding on specific cyberware. Examples of upgrades. STR increase but only on grappling someone. Small enhancements to nano's or cybereyes giving you more uses for the HUD. Just minor things but super themely. I recon in this distopia there would be a hunger for illegal mods. Involves 3 parties. Rippers. Crackers. Criminals willing to pay BIG TIME for enhancements
Nailz mod that injects cyanide? Sounds good!
Oooh, should see my idea "Black Market Cybernetics".

Combine black market warez with custom tech?

Sounds neat but hard to implement. These 'tweaks'. There is another topic that talks about illegal warez.

I'd rather have chrome be only removable from corpses by rippers first.