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Cybernetic Impulse Wings
Making Skyfox look like Skytots

I saw this today while browsing cyberpunk stuff for ideas for biomods >.> and thought...well...that would be an awesome cybernetic attachment. Collapseable impulse OR jet powered wing pack that can fold up and imbed in your back, and then unfold for flight. Would require cybereye with overlay, and hardened processor cuz that would be a pretty heavy strain. But still, it would be hardcore.

The treaty about body modification would probably throw a fit over that- But I don't know too much about it.
Right so... If those are wings only they should only be good to glide across rooves (i.e. it has only the same functionality as paragliders).

Not that I think wings are very CP from an aesthetics POV.

Looking at the picture I'm pretty certain the key requirement here is breast tanks. Fuel needs to be stored somewhere.
-if- this got in, would need to heavily rely on one's perception, piloting, and the like. Maybe even endurance and strength since, well, you'll need to be pretty able to handle your body essentially becoming an aircraft and not to flip end over end till you become a splat job
Guys, those are just WINGS for gliding. You'd need obviously an engine to make it control like an actual AV.
Not going to lie, I hate it. We've already got flying functionality, and anti-falling functionality, in a lot of things in game.
Well with impulse, the wings themselves would host lithium ionic batteries that could give say, an hour or two of solid flight before needing a recharge. Another option could be eth tanks or nodules. There's tons of options here. What I am mainly suggesting is a concept. I am sure staff would have no trouble working out what would be allowed with it. Main goal is: augment that allows flight for short durations. Lev taking too long? Don't wanna take the Skyfox? Zwwwwip zwiip fwooooooosh, fly to work on your own.
Please no.

When you get the urge to icly start an extrenist organization against biomodders
Why not just have it work like the ZMI paraglider and also have it rely on the piloting skill? It'd probably cost a crazy amount considering how much the paraglider costs, but hey, why not?
why would we need this if it's going to do the same exact thing as a paraglider though?

the only difference will be you have to get 'cool' wings which are the same functionality as a piece of gear already in the game

I don't think it's really necessary

Paragliders can be destroyed, as far as I know. This could overcome the disadvantages of the paraglider, but also add a new one in that you'd be risking losing a lot if you did bother to get it.
"the only difference will be you have to get 'cool' wings"

style over substance, chum!

Really though, I get people's extreme reactions, but I'd also say not to necessarily get caught up over the exact aesthetics of the OP image for possible more themely implementations. I can't see this as any kind of biomod of course, but paraglider functionality (no actual flying, that's just....too much) packed into a super high-end and complex implant used by certain elite WJF squads that need to drop from aeros, or super-rich thrillseekers or something....doesn't seem completely out of theme and is, IMO anyway, potentially badass depending on styling and implementation.

Though functionally how this would work with armor/clothing, etc. feels....hinky, which is a pretty big obstacle now that I think about it.

WJF squads that need to drop from aeros

who needs AV rappelling when you have AV base jumping