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Cyberlimbs should not self-repair.
Literally give technician money.

I think cybernetic bodypart replacements, be it eyes, arms, legs, hands, feet, or whatever else should not repair themselves like they're organic body parts.

In fact, I'll double down. Cybernetic limb replacements are so cheap, and so available, that I'd even suggest that they increase your PDS load as they become progressively more damaged, on top of not magically repairing themselves.

Why? Because getting shot in the robot leg and having it spray sparks from servos and hydraulic fluid or myomer lymph, what have you is really, really cool. Seeing someone like one particular famous bartender having a messed up, piece of crap robot arm is awesome. Because PDS *should* flare up more than it already does in situations of high stress and/or duress, such as having part of your cyberlimb not functioning correctly, or if you have a fancy model, having your brain get bombarded with artificially-generated pain sensations.

I also think that some level of routine maintenance for people who get into the weeds regularly but have significant amounts of cyberware and artificial body parts should be the expectation, not the exception. It's also really great plot hook and storytelling material. It doesn't have to be expensive to fix. Heck, maybe it is expensive to fix, but you can go to a NPC and tell them REPAIR MY ARM/EYE/DONGER and they'll fix you up for way more than what a player would charge, should no techs be around.

I realize that degradation and repair mechanics for SOME cyberware exists currently, but I think they should be expanded upon to include cyberlimbs, and that perhaps existing damage systems could be tweaked to make it a bit more of a relevant concern.

Just an idea!

I think the relation of cyber limbs to others things like processors and the effectiveness of EMP grenades makes this a very real threat but not regarding physical damage - which is pretty balanced considering the extent of the Achilles heel.