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Cyberbrain: Why so Cyberlame?
Some Possible Upgrade Ideas

As it stands now, Cyberbrain are pretty underwhelming. Here are some ideas to truly set them apart from nanos.

1. E-Memory Functionality

E-Memory ports are currently the purview of a separate module. I think that should simply be combined with the cyberbrain. E-notes are so ubiquitous and module is in such low-demand there is more merit in actually making one piece of chrome useful.

2. Robotic Command Acceleration

As discussed here ( when combined with an ARIN interface - robotic commands should be considerably faster in relation to the tier of cyberbrain you possess.

3. Lite-Term Functionality Baked In

The Cyberbrain is already reliant on SIC signal - why not fully incorporate decking into each module? Quickterm -> LiteTerm -> l33tTerm tier seems to line up well against cyberbrain tiers in this regard.

4. Cyber technician Rig

The ability for one-person to jack into another (control yourselves, plz) is a staple in things such as Ghost In the Shell. I think it makes sense for the Mneumonic Cyberbrain to have this as a feature, and allow a skilled tech to actually adjust their own chrome internally on the fly. The latter would be available on lower-end cyberbrains - but they would lack the any influence outside of their own systems.

5. Relational boost to processor power

With the above feature, cyber tech and skilled techs with cyberbrains should be able to overclock their brains and dedicate increasingly more processor power to it with a relational boost to their intelligence. Naturally, there would be a threshold maximum here.


Make it have a hardened processor built-in with a much expanded baseline CPU limit.

Another thing that would make it stand out from the pack is if full cyberbrains allowed other brain chrome to be uninstalled like normal chrome can. Instead of cutting out a chunk of brain to stick cyberware in, maybe you're just sticking in your 32x expansion card for real 32 bit processing power.

I really, really like the idea of e-memory and term functionality being something you can gain through cyberware, whether through the cyberbrain or not(though adding it to the cyberbrain would be awesome, and give it more flavor, I agree), because it would offer a lot of different opportunities in theme, RP, and conflict.

Theme-wise and RP-wise, it would make the idea of your cyberware being representative of who you are and what you do come more to the forefront for non-combat focused characters. It would also, as cyberware becomes a bit more ubiquitous following the recent price changes, make for a greater difference between the haves and have-nots, of the people who still have to use the physical(cheaper) tools, rather than having it integrated in themselves.

On the more conflict related side, giving people the ability to slot e-memory modules into their cyberbrains offers the opportunity of having people be data couriers. You're some super mercenary looking to get info from a corp for a job? You have to kidnap one of their data couriers to get the e-memory module that's stuck in their head. Keeping secrets inside your head takes on a whole new meaning when those secrets are on a module that's literally in your head.

tl;dr I'm a huge fan of the concept of adding the functionality of digital tools to cyberware, and I think it improves the game on multiple levels, both augmenting current play, and offering new ways to play.