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Cyber Limbs/Weapons (Reworked)
They will cost you a leg & and arm, literally.

Seeing how at the current moment the staff coders and builders have been working harder than ever in recent history to implement several new additions (specially new cyberware, which was something that had been requested for several years) into the game and with the new focus into tech archetypes, the cyber technician jobs and damage to cyberware.

This seems to be a good time to request again, for a rework regarding Cyber Weapons & Cyber Limbs. Why? They are terribly expensive, not very popular or even practical in some cases. So on this topic I'll make a few suggestions on a few ideas of how this could be improved, feel free to chip in your own suggestions.

1. Make more worthwhile having cyberlimbs, by allowing people with brawl and martial arts to be able to block with them and get the cyberlimb damaged instead of their meat bodies. Also, allow for them to deflect/block bullets so that blades stop being SD's favorite weapon and first choice by most.

2. Make cyberweapons to require cyberlimbs and/or remove their ability to block without them.

3. Lower the prices of both cyberweapons & cyberlimbs, if they become a package deal.

4. Finally introduce a cyberweapon for people that use martial arts, so that players stop calling it a 'support' skill. Which ironically has been given very little support.

5. A cyber weapon that is also a Heavy Weapon? Mounted in your cyberlimb instead of your vehicle. Rockets? Flamethrowers? Miniguns? Who knows? (I am not very experienced with them, but I am guessing they could use the love).

(There might be an argument for a hidden cyber gun or a melee cyberweapon, but I think that both of those groups have plenty of options already and are doing fine, so I will not advocate in their favor. And please for the love of Anor, no cyber katanas. As cool as that sounds, blades don't need any more love.)

Forcing players to use cyberarms to have cyberweapons would really mess with their stealth kill ability.
I do think cyberweapons and limbs would be pretty cool if they were able to be at least -benefitted- by being attached to a cyberlimb for one reason or another.

However, keeping the stealth ability of cyberlimbs in flesh would be good regardless. Not that they are invisible, but its one of those things.

@Wonderland You can cover your cyberlimbs, and maybe even make them look like normal arms. So I see no problem with the stealth factor.

Also the idea of this thread is not to refute others suggestions but to come up with suggestions of your own, ultimately the staff will decide if they like any of these and how they go about it, not us.

I would love additions with cybernetic weapons, especially with the possibility of modding or making bootleg things like smuggling compartments, hidden firearms, similar.