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Cut wardrobe with blade
That'll show em!

Is your rival about to go on stage or steal your significant other? This person have a hot date or big interview to go topside? You're mad and don't want things to go their way, right? Then fuck up their shit with a blade!

Using a knife or something, you could type "cut x with (blade type weapon)" and watch cuts appear on the wardrobe. Drop that shit back in the container where you found it and then watch your rival put it on, not pay attention to their clothes, and then they walk out full of holes. Now they look dumb and it's thanks to you!

Yeah, you can fight them and do this, but this is more about the element of surprise and damaging someone's clothing. It's also useful when you're in a spot where you can't engage in combat. Engage in petty vandalism instead!

The wardrobe must not be worn for this to be done, is my suggestion. You should have to find that person's stuff and do this when it isn't on their body.

You can also just trash their clothing entirely. Ruin their preparation. Don't see how this is much worse. But that's just my input, anyway.
Yep! You can, although cutting can also be a really spiteful move too. I kind of like it. Let that person have to trash their now-worthless clothes, because they can't wear it anymore.
I guess there's an irony to it. They could just have them repaired by a skilled tailor, though it would cost.

Still, am not sure it'll be a highly prioritized feature, with so many other ideas already being pushed, topic-wise. :o

Maybe someday, though! Is a nice little detail.

Supermarket directed “Mean Girls”.

Pretty funny idea though. Could see how this could be handy corpside.

Can also work in the Mix too.

You know a baka with some armor? If you really want to stick it to him before killing him, cut holes in his X03 before you get your chummers to kill him. In the heat of the moment, he didn't check to see if his armor was good or not, and now blows are landing in places and hurting more than he expected. Boom, he's dead. And you got him good. The pettiness of cutting up his armor may be small, but in a larger scheme it can be deadly.

Yeah but have you ever taken a knife to hard armor? Now imagine 2103 armor. I’d say keep it to clothes.
I realized that today, good point. Damn! Would've been super sneaky too.
What if it's a lightsaber?!

Oh, wait... wrong universe. :/