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Custom Mask Creation
No one cared who I was until...

Fairly simple concept. I think adding an item like a 'mannequin head' that allowed people to create custom masks, akin to the new wig making gear, would be amazing with the obvious byproducts from other similar products. Also the possibility of latex masks that boost contacts/wigs even further.

Possibly spreading these out from where other disguise making gear is located currently or even making them more expensive furniture? Or possibly even job dependent.

I think people would be certainly willing to risk IDing themselves for more style as well, and create an interesting fork in how people use the disguise skill. From heists with themed masks to mysterious UMC luchadores to spooky kabuki assassins to notorious solos known only through their masked persona...

There's certainly a lot of possibilities and hilarious outcomes.

So you want a disguise for your face = cover the @head naked then?

Like an expendable disguise face thingy. You could maybe achieve this with a more advance tool.

Much like you need special tools to make certain clothes, you might need certain materials and machines to make tailor made specialized disguise item like a Kabuki face mask or a disturbingly realistic Gerik Philips mask to fool the Law and get your chums out of cryo.

Some time ago I suggested, a more high tech disguise tool that uses holograms. This would be considerably expensive and restricted bleeding edge tech obviously.

People doing crime in Anderson masks sounds cool, honestly.
In part. Head mandatory with eyes/ears/mouth as @coverage options.

Also, why the suggested creation object being a mannequin head, maybe a higher tech one with certain variables that adjusted, warranting it being special equipment and not just some head shape block of material.

It's not only for helping further disguise yourself as a person/someone else, but also the possibility of Rule of Cool, allowing people to add some flare to their dirty deeds.

I am thinking something along these lines possibly.

Yes! Add the masked vigilantes and scary serial killers!