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Custom food freedom
Make food more inline with other creative skills

With art, tailoring, performance there is a lot of scope for customization with the freedom of @messages.

Cooking is a bit weird, you have freedom in the naming conventions if you are lucky enough to have ingredients to do so, but it is all suffix and preffix. Which again is fine for the most part. The eating messages, again fine for the most part. But there is little in the way of progression, other than how many ingredients you can cram into a food item.

I prepose that there is a point, a skill barrier for sure, where you can actually start to enter @messages for how particular foods can be eaten, a larger veriety of preffix and suffix. This is espcially previlent in recipies that have small ingredient lists.

Joe 'I eat slugs' Mixer and Gordan 'Super star chef' Ramsey at the same cooking station can essentially make equally good bacon rolls interms of mechanics.

I am super excited to see cooking given more love in general, because it is such a fun system to play with.

This might make cooking an artistry thing. Artistry is already extremely OP though. We really could use artistry specializations before this, imo.
The art skills take a degree of writing skill, and a fudge tone active time and effort. The rewards from that, are justified. People will pay what they think things are worth.

Regards making cooking an artistry thing, I am pretty sure it already is. I do disagree about specialisations, though, I am not sure how a system like that would work to be general enough to allow players to experiment, but also focus them on a path. As the Artistry scope is huge. Would we start breaking down everything into specialisations at that point? Medic skill browken down to surgery, psychiatric, rehabilitation, ER etc.

Anyway, back to OP :) Cookin