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Crowd Expectations
KMB ain't like the Drome, bud.

Unless I'm mistaken and this is already a thing, I think performance difficulty (that is, how well a performance may be recieved at certain levels of skill) should be scaled with the sorts of locations it is being performed at. Street performances, and most places in Red sector should probably be easier to perform at than say, KMB or other topside dives. This is both to provide a sense of progression in artist locale and to allow beginners such as immies to scrape by a lukewarm performance with their lacking statsheet.

After all, many immies turn to minor performances like stripping and singing, but may not stick to this job later on (most do not), which may make for a complete lack of these minor performers if they can't eke out acceptable basic performances early on.

I think that's a really good idea. It could maybe be tuned by making some stages/stripper poles/etc "easier" to use.