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Credchip Cracking
Hack the planet

As it stands now, cred chip hacking is a GM-intensive process that kind of negates the time-sensitive nature of cred chip hacking. Unfortunately, the currently implementation of credchip also means any disadvantage/vulnerability to credchips would result in less use of them.

I propose two things...

1) Credchip be taken exclusively on Blue and all topside non-mallplex/bar locations with a notable 10% discount on credchip transactions.

* Corporate Citizens should be motivated to use credchips by giving them deals.

* Perhaps chyen exchanges become a common disease vector for topside residences?

2) Credchips be hackable by Deckers of a certain skill level and up.

* This would require a dedicated piece of hardware modified by an electro_tech

* Only 1/3 of a bank account would be able to be stolen. After which, the account would be locked down from any suspicious activity for 30-days.

* Store hardware for credchip can be tampered with to swipe small 100-1000c amounts off every transaction and any business owner would want to have there's reviewed on a weekly/monthly basis.

* This could also make paying attention to your store receipt to notice any missing income an important part of trading and maybe even something you'd notice with perception + trading.


The idea is to create a better workflow for Electro_techs, dips, and crackers to participate in topside crime.

I am all for this, but my spider sense is telling me the critical reaction is going to be similar to the B&E thread.

Maybe adding something to do with credchips and corpshares, to generate further incentives in the use of the tech.

An while we are talking about bank accounts, having a log of transfers for all types of accounts would be really nice and having it be compatible with the chips too.

I think this is a cool idea. The current system requires a GM but still can happen in a matter of hours -- maybe make the 'cracking device' take between 1 and 8 hours to run, depending on skill? (kind of like tattooing does.)

That means that you're unlikely to crack a chip after murdering someone unless they are very careless, but if you're not checking for your chip a dip or burglar could be successful.

People taking my money, purely based on UE? Hmm, sounds familiar...

(For clarity, I don't mind this idea and see no issue with it even without the restrictions)

But according to the B&E thread, all this change would do is make people only keep 5-10k in their credchip and lock away their money physically in their fortre-- I mean homes. Plus it's stressful OOC, months of work down the drain because someone dipped me?

Okay, I'll stop. But it's pretty easy to shoot down any changes by just assuming players will abuse it and powergame.

You can't have it both ways; you either trust players will be responsible, or you have hard limits on what you can do. Doing this middle-ground thing is just awkward.

Just let it be fully hacked with difficulty and security measures based on the chip and the bank account (these would require additions, but likely are going to need to come sooner or later anyway when decking gets expanded with Grid 3.0.) or keep it as a case by case thing with GM intervention as it currently is.

Related to the first group of suggestions for making credchips more useful, Something that allows the passengers of Chex/Skyfox to pay their driver with credchips from the passenger compartment.
Okay, lemme tell you the workaround that sprung to my mind.

People will start having around 5k (For reclone) to 20k, and they'll start investing into nothing but heavy duty safes, clog the server with multiple locking briefcases inside a locked container, and yes, that extends to corporate citizens as well. It's very likely that they'll buy safes to solve that issue, and the bank would drastically become less popular.

Oh, they'll stop buying credchips too.

this is not as severe as B&E, but i think generally if you want to make the community more accepting of more ways to get screwed over, things need to be easier to acquire and therefore people will be less devastated when losing said things

personally i think more credchip integrations is a good thing, i find it cool, and buying different tiers of credchip encryption could be an interesting mechanic, but clearing out a third of someone's bank account can be pretty severe -- maybe make it a third up until it reaches like 50k or more, then cap it at 50k, or something

Let's seee.... if fifty kay a week is the cap. They can easily earn up to 200k a month, on top of their job pay, crate delivery, NPC fixer, they can easily earn up to around 200-250k, maybe 300k, if they're really lucky.

Assuming their skill is really, really good, they won't be caught, and the money would be too easy for them to pull in, it'd be eventual that decking skill would become mandatory in everybody's build, so everybody would start stealing from each others all of the time, while keeping their chyen in their locked briefcase inside a safe, rapidly increasing the amount of their money hoard. Let's not count out a skillsoft of highest quality, the theft itself alone would pay the price of the skillsoft with ease. People would buy them out, and sell them at really inflated price. Maybe 500k, or so.

Just a suggestion,

Could you offset it with high risk high reward?

A credchip being tampered with in such a way throws out a signal, giving the locations of the credchip as it is being hacked. A higher skill means it takes less time, and the ability to transfer more (to reasonable percentages).

This could bring about the idea of having to be mobile while hacking, maybe bringing in others to a job. Like a driver, a dipper, a hacker in league. It could promote more organised topside crime as they would likely be the best targets.

But on the flip side, it has high risk, so hopefully it will not just become a new standard of income.

I do worry though about the possibility of killing and robbing someone, them loosing their gear, cyber, nanos etc and loosing a huge chunk of their bank account. Potentially reseting the character as they spend what little they have left to get back what was lost in death.

It is a balancing act, but could be a lot of fun to see.

I’m going to put my 2 cents in and say this is best left in the hands of the GM.

That way if it’s a cred chip or a long deceased character, they can allow players access to this.

If it’s an existing character they can allow it but based around RP rather than simple code. They can check to see if there was sufficient RP around it.

Again, like B&E, I want features that increase RP not decrease it.

Like some others have said this will just decrease the amount of people using cred chips when in reality, almost all Topsiders should be using cred chips and any Mixers dealing with topsiders should also be considering getting them to allow “smoother” transactions and look less like “mixer trash”.

TL:DR - Coded hacking cred chips for “dormant accounts” would be fair game but for current PCs this will just reduce people using cred chips. Keep as circumstantial GM action in my opinion.

Could make it so WSB only allows a daily withdrawal limit of 10% of your savings or 20,000c, whichever is higher. For "security" purposes.