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Cred chips and credit

Shouldn't cred chips see greater use by corporate citizens? Making it a cashless economy of sorts? One of these would be the ability to pay for Taxis,sky foxes and levs by cred chips. Quick kleens as well. Door entrance fees might be paid via cred chip too. Salaries may be picked up directly from terminals by slotting cred chips into them.Just a thought. Please feel free to point out flaws in my idea. Thanks.
I agree with this. It feels like every corpie has a cred chip, but barely uses it, usually only when paying money to another player.

I'd like to add onto this that Kiosks like the vehicle ordering kiosks should accept cred chips. Slotting 10s of thousands of chyen into a kiosk seems pretty crazy.

I agree, I think it should have a much wider available use than it does. Maybe doesn't have to replace paying with cash, but should at least be able to. Not just in Green stores.
Thematically speaking, I would expect that corporations would practically demand that their customers and employees use cred chips. Credit is traceable and taxable. Credit is control. A corpie who suddenly starts using a lot of cash would be a corpie asking to be audited or interrogated.

People operating outside of the sphere or corporate control would prefer cash. It is anonymous. It is not taxable (until it gets deposited into the bank).

Indeed. It would also highlight what it means to be a corpie, instead of rifling through pockets or digging in wallets for cash.