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Cred chip bank transfers.

Ability to transfer funds with your cred chip from your account to another without actually linking chips would be nice if you're too busy to make a trip to the bank. Don't know how this isn't a function yet, but would love seeing it added to the game.

Ain't sure if this has been discussed yet, didn't find any posts about it with a quick search at least.

I believe it isn't a function to encourage people to have to get up and go out in public, whether in-person transfer or to the bank. Which I think is some of the same gameplay design around having deposits into the bank only happen on Gold.

Might be, now that you mention it, yeah.
Yeah based on what I've heard from the justices, my perspective is that we do not want this nor (i.e.) progia apps that do this so that you actually gotta go to the bank and incur in risk.