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Craftable electronic clothing
Light up your style

To incorporate lights into your clothes, get some electronic scrap, a bolt of fabric, electro tech skill and a toolbelt. If crafted successfully, the bolt of fabric can support a %glowcolor which can be added to both the description and the teases, and allows the tailor to add in basic electronics like fiber optic strands and LEDs. Optionally, these pieces require both artistry and electro tech to finalize.

(If you wanna be really mean? If you crit fail the electro tech test, you get zapped and the bolt gets set on fire.)

The list of %glowcolors should be bright white, neon colors, and maybe ultraviolet if you wanna get fancy.
(maybe neon rainbow too, that would be super fun.)
It'd be a nice excuse to use the pulsing neon colors the webclient has for clothes, could be interesting.
I feel like this should provide IC license to produce clothes described as glowing, that would be cool.

But I don't feel like we need to make everything flash, pulse and rainbow-ripple on screen like a Tripod site from 1998. Especially not in a way which depends on a particular client.

Right now, responsible tailors do this if they have both electro and artistry. Giving it coded functionality seems cool. Gives more for electro tech to do, really.
Tailors have done it in the past without electro tech skill, and staff is cracking down on electronic upgrades for clothes. Hence this post.