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CPU overload symptom suggestions
And alternate PDS symptoms, too

Everyone's sharing their suggestions, so I'll throw mine into the ring.

In addition to a general hatred for fleshy beings, the idea here is that whatever someone has installed is what they value. So hit them where it hurts.

Roll severity, then choose a number of symptoms based on the location where they exist.

Use eye cyber? Temporary blindness or hallucinations.

Ear cyber? Temporary deafness.

If the same location is rolled twice, double its longevity.

Here's a list of suggestions:

EYE SYMPTOM (Lose vision control. Or start seeing hallucinations.)

The world becomes a pixelated landscape of rapidly flashing colors. (shown in random colors in place of any Look.)


As the world grows darker, you can't see anything except mind-numbing blackness.

EAR SYMPTOM (You can't hear anything.)

A painful ringing overwhelms your ears.

Jake looks to you, concerned. "*in an EEEEEEEEEEEE voice* EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He asks. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Possibly throw the unrestrained yelling symptoms here too.

NANO SYMPTOM (Get -Effect instead of +Effect)

Something feels very, very wrong with your body. Lethargy overcomes you. Your skin breaks out in hives. You have a massive headache. You feel overheated. You struggle to move your joints. Bits and pieces crumble from your skin. Your pigment turns entirely black. You feel like you can't breathe unless you're underwater. Etc.

SKILLSOFT (All skills lose a level or two.)

Concentrating on normal tasks feels incredibly difficult as a cloudy haze fills your mind.

BLADEZ / KNUX (Can't hold things. Violent urges.)

You put your X away.

Your fingers curl in on themselves and go numb, shooting sporadic pain through your nerves. You get the urge to lash out to make the pain stop.

MIND'S EYE SYMPTOMS (Can't think, can't receive SIC.)

A droning hum clears your mind of all conscious thoughts.

GENITAL SYMPTOMS (Shit yourself. 'Laid' causes internal bleeding.)

A sickening squelch is felt between your legs as everything doesn't feel quite in its proper place.

KIDNEY SYMPTOMS (Piss everywhere.)


I think this is a neat idea.

I actually don't like the basis for PDS, thematically. The core theme of 'where does man end / machine begin' remains interesting philosophically to the genre IMO, but if you're an actual person in the world of cyberpunk / Sindome, these ideas aren't really that troublesome to you.

The IC mechanical 'solutions' to PDS (I can't list them, but most know at least some of them) make absolutely no sense. I understand some have to exist, because it's a game, but still.

The idea of your chrome reacting poorly / unexpectedly because you can't mentally/physically (and I was mentality was better reflected in PDS load calculations) grapple with the 'load' (itself a strange, ambiguous concept) in chrome-specific ways at least makes more sense.

That's a good point.

I think of the 'cyber load' like being on fire. After a point, your body can't keep up with healing itself. It needs a moment of not being on fire in order to catch up.