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CoverItAll tattoo cover Foundation!
cover those damn tattoos!

It was mentioned in the town hall, but a foundation that can hide tats and/or bruises would be A+++. It would require good disguise to use, with perhaps some use of Artistry. It will wash off with a chance when exposed to rain/water/ect.

"A transparent tube of tone shifting goo. The label has 'CoverItAll Foundation' in bold and bright pink font, the subtitle offers a promise of coverage on blemishes and other unsightly marks. The back is full of chemical warnings you would rather not read. It has a X of goo left."

And for skill rolls on it. :-P

Bad disguise roll: 'Messy splotches cover a clear tattoo/bruise. You can make out "..(randomly selected text 10-20 character long)..".'

Moderate disguise roll: 'You notice %N's skin tone is slightly discolored on %p (bodypart).'

Good disguise roll: Nothing!!!

Use a tattoo gun, swap around your tattoos for each disguise!