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Corporate Stock Leaderboard
What's insider trading in the 22nd Century?

This is an idea coming from a discussion a while back in XM chat, I couldn't find a board on stock exchange, so this is my take on turning it into mechanic.

The Stock Exchange could be used as a leaderboard for the different Withmore Corporations. Whenever in game events occur surrounding a corporate entity it will effect their standing positively or negatively depending on the outcome. Players can buy into the market, gambling on what they think the outcome will be, or to manipulate it in their favor. This could open up a whole new level of corporate espionage. Including things like risking corporate status by trading secrets for a large personal monetary gain.

My ideal stockmarket is role based stock options that pay out a variable range of monthly chyen. Not too much, not too little, but random enough where it can be a let down or a relief. Nothing active, but passive, and dependent on your job. No individual can afford to purchase probably a single share of any stock in this type of mega-corporation environment, I imagine. Think google @ 700 dollars a share times infinite monoply, 7,000,000 a share? :P
There's a current thread discussing this on the Theme subforum:
Shares are bought and sold via automated trading AIs today. You'd have grid software that 'mined' chyen out of the stock market while you slept.