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Consumer Eyepods/Video Cameras
For all you Indie Filmmakers and Freelance Journalists

Hey, random idea I thought up while thinking of the Media archetype in CP2020.

I would like a consumer level eyepod/video camera that only has a limited amount of storage space (an e-mem maybe? Something), in order to push RP for freelance journalists, wannabe vloggers, alternative media, IC indie movies, and whatever other purposes.

Idea started out solely for something akin to a freelance journalist, rushing to the nearest crime scene to get coverage to sell to NLM, but could be utilized in many ways.

Let me know your thoughts.

I'd love little personal camera drones.
I support any chrome or tech that gets us closer to reenacting scenes from Nightcrawler.
We would love to but not with this server technology.

Maybe one day in the future.

I understand it isn't feasible with the current server technology, but I just wanted to chime in: being able to produce recordings IC would be amazing for content creators. I can think of so much to do with it.
There are security cameras that have some of this functionality built in. And prog-cloth shows that we can replay text.

So, combine the two.

A consumer grade Trid-corder. Hold it in your hands, and it records any room messages (that the player sees?). Has enough memory to save 1 recording of 20 - 50 messages (depending on how much space it takes up).


Captures messages until another cue command is sent, or memory is full.


Replays messages at the same rate as prog-cloth.


Stops playback or recording.

Cameras are cool, but so many times I wish I could just play a recording instead of spending 2 - 3 hours writing expository dialogue 5 to 6 times to everyone who wants to know what happened.