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Consolidate Corpsec
Corporate contracts for protection of property

I have a fairly nebulous and vague idea here that I would like to discuss. The consolidation of corporate security, either into the hall or by a security corporation/contractor taking over the protection of corporate assets.

This would, in my opinion, allow for topside combat archetypes to get in more RP, as they would be able to respond to any infraction against the corporations (not even necessarily mega-corps) they are paid to respond to, rather than having to sit by when people act against the less populated corps.

10/10 would make it harder to do anything topside for any criminal ever. Without going into detail, even one okay PC makes it dramatically more difficult to get away with anything due to what's already present on those sectors. This would be overkill in all senses of the word.
The whole point of CorpSec is that they work for their respective parent company, while the Hall works for the -city's- interest.

I don't think this would benefit anyone.

This would pretty much instantly kill most of the inter-corporation conflict.

It would make doing crimes against corporations more of a death sentence than it already is. What if people are targeting the less-populated corporations specifically because they're less populated? Low-pop factional play is riding the struggle bus pretty hard as it is for most players. I've been in situations like this before, and it's not fun going 'ce KEYNAME Eleven PM and all is clear.' to a faction of NPC's.

This is what the WJF is for. There's so much about this that demands rebuttal but the easiest thing to say is that the corporations are rivals, not friends. Their security forces are not merely there to guard the building from mixers--they're rhe private army of what are sovereign nation-states. If you think in our world every country would cede its military and intelligence aparatus to the UN, that's along the lines of this idea. Not workable.
I was actually wondering this the other day. Many other cyberpunk worlds make CorpSec into its own security megacorporation that has contracts with other megacorporations. But I think Sindome already has this in the form of another Contracting Service, which might fit the bill here?
Every cyberpunk setting I've seen has both internal corporate security, and externally hired security when it needs to. Like in Shadowrun, Seattle has Lone Star/Knight Errant as metroplex security, and individual corps have their own security if they're one of the Big 10, and get external security if they're smaller. So if a smaller corporation in Withmore wants security, there's options for that.

Could easily play either internal corpsec or contracted security in Sindome, and as has been mentioned, WJF and TERRA and so on do the job of protection for the city itself. Only thing this would do is reduce the avenues for conflict.

Either way, this is a bad idea.

I know like, in the Cyberpunk universe, at least on the tabletop one, you have your standard police force, which for here would be TERRA, then you have SWAT which I would consider WJF, but then you have MAX-TAC, also known as C-SWAT. Which are basically SWAT but, made from the best of the best the city has to offer, you don't fuck with these guys. Sure oou don't fuck with WJF either, but i'd consider C-SWAT To be the NLM security people or whatever.
Corps are, and should continue to be, professional enemies/rivals while being outwardly chummy and civil at bars and special occasions. If you are a corpsec and your rival corp is getting bombed, your reaction should be to quietly enjoy a drink at the bar and chuckle as their stock price plummets, not to race to their rescue.

More corpies hiring mixers to hit other corpies would be fantastic. I'm sure this happens already, but I think what we need is more competition between the corps not more cooperation.

If you wanna be the sheriff of the topside sectors, WJF is where you oughtabe.

I agree with the principle that cyberpunk should at least be set in the shadow of corporate warfare.

I do agree on some level that the WJF as a concept tends to shift a lot of conflict away from CorpSec players -- and I would also argue that the 2000 AD fascist totalitarism Hall of Justice concept is fundamentally not compatible with a Shadowrun-esque sovereign corporatocracy, but I don't think the resolution to that incompatibility would be to merge them since it would move even further away from the corporate shadow war.

I do think there are some practical solutions that could be implemented that would achieve the underlying concept (give CorpSec players broader engagement with conflicts topside), like somewhat expanding corporate territories and jurisdictions.

I've certainly noticed an increase in corporate jurisdictional authority compared to a year or two years ago, in my experience it's been a positive thing.

I would also argue that the 2000 AD fascist totalitarism Hall of Justice concept is fundamentally not compatible with a Shadowrun-esque sovereign corporatocracy

I think these can be made compatible as long as the WJF isn't interfering in corporate business. If the WJF's main job was to police the common spaces of the city (which it kind of is) and corporate citizens were basically judged by their own CorpSec, that would be closer to what I'd expect. Like, imagine if CorpSec could take action outside of their own property as long as it involved their own citizens (for instance, a senior agent cuffing a junior PR officer and dragging them off after they got a bit too lippy about quarter three projects at the bar.)

As for inter-corporate crime, maybe investigations could be argued before special judges whos whole role is to impartially carry out council regulations, something like that.

Whenever I get the sense that the WJF has its own autonomous power that can override the corporations I always raise my eyebrow a little. I haven't seen this happen recently but it was a pretty common feature of that one Grand Inquisitor's reign.

In my opinion, there is no one true Cyberpunk. There are a lot of visions of what that might and might not be called Cyberpunk.

For example, I see Altered Carbon (more focused on the books here) as riding the line between Cyberpunk and SciFi. It's barely Cyberpunk to me but has enough Cyberpunk elements that I don't care. It's an awesome story. Shadowrun does a great job of mashing Cyberpunk and Fantasy but it's also edge-case Cyberpunk in my mind. And my mind is just my mind, I am sure many feel very different and they are not wrong.

I have consumed Cyberpunk where every big corp has it's own private army and Cyberpunk where security was outsourced to a couple of high-profile security companies. My favorite is Cyberpunk that is a mix as I dislike monolithic, excessively organized world building. Life is messy.

I do think that the WJF has the potential to be what people are talking about here. In some ways it already is. But the WJF also suffers from some elements that, in my opinion, make it terribly unfriendly to both players and staff. Which is sad because I feel that more PCs protecting PCs on Gold, we could seriously get rid of the whole 'announce crimes first' rules we currently have.

I respect what the original post was about: Maybe this would allow topside Security types to enjoy more action, fun and RP! I don't think many people would be against the core of what the proposed idea was hoping to change. Maybe I am wrong but most I've spoken to want as much action, fun and RP as possible - for themselves and for other players.

But in the end, I don't think it's helpful to declare any idea as being 'terrible' or 'not Cyberpunk'. It's far more useful, I think, to talk about why you like or dislike the idea based on Sindome's flavor of Cyberpunk (which can change) and how it would impact game play (even AWESOME ideas might be disliked because of the nature of the game we play).

I'd be really sad to see Corpsec go. As a non-combat player, it would feel like a pretty drastic power shift for my character. Having a force behind the Corporations feels powerful. Working your way into a megacorp makes you a cog, but also part of something with real, scary kind of power. There's an interesting dance with the WJF though too that would be a shame to lose. There's also the tension between Corporations that would greatly suffer without a force representing each organization. A lot of what Corpsec does isn't even necessarily combat, but still enforcement.

RPing the vulnerability and dependence on security is rewarding for both the Corpsec and non-Corpsec players, at least from what I've seen. It's a reward for aligning with a Corporation, but also something to be wary of - they're constantly watching your every move.

I had a long post written out, but after reviewing it was just long winded.

What I'd like to see, personally:

- CorpSec 'militant' action restricted to corporate grounds. Harsh penalties, both from the WJF and from management internally for doling out justice and acting outside of their corporation's immediate interests/investment.

- WJF activity upon corporate grounds similarly restricted. "This is an internal matter. You may wait in the lobby."

- Corporate PCs picking more fights to generate conflict and RP for their respective corpsec employees rather than just quietly collecting a paycheck.

All of those things are happening, I think, Quotient. Just because you don't see the fights or conflict doesn't mean it isn't happening. Topside is a social game. Overtly being an asshole isn't always top tier strats. The culture between Corps might be different too.
I have actually witnessed the exact opposite on multiple occasions, which is why I bring it up.

That is, more or less, how it is already. Would suggest finding out more IC, since it's a nuanced matter.