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Color Changing Chrome Coatings
What is Says on the Tin

Random idea I had due to some unexpected inspiration.

So we have ColorEyes, SkinWatches, etc. that can change color with various IC means.

I think there should be a top of the top cybernetics coating that allows for the changing of color. Maybe something like HoloRite[tm] or something. Maybe it functions as a more obvious ad screen and only goes in corporate colors, or similar, but I think the idea of a cybernetics coating that can change to go with outfits would be wonderful.

My ideal cyberpunk coating would be equivalent to IC Holoscreen Tshirs and the like that just play ad screens and branding across the arms because I love that aesthetic, but the general idea I thought of was the ability to change a cybernetic coating color to a set selection in order to match outfits or just have some more fun, maybe neon or vibrant, options compared to the hard metals.