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Cloning Limitations
Permanent Injuries, etc...

(Copied from Complaints as a repost)

One difficulty concerning immersion is the cloning handwave. Some people have lingering injuries which are great for RP. However, it doesn't hold up when technology can magically fix scars and surgeries are flawless. I feel there should be more lore based limitations that ensure you can't just clone away your imperfections.

Perhaps certain substances or DCD create cloning errors. Maybe regulations on the clone treaties limit the amount of manipulation in a clone so at some point certain imperfections just need to be accepted or after a certain period of time passes. Anything to give a solid reason to why a character can have lasting and hindering physical damage that can't be magically fixed by super surgery or cloning out.


Sly's Reply

I am once again asking for combat injuries developmental support.

No, but really, that's the only way you're going to get that. I personally added scars whenever I was knocked out by combat but not killed (and it made sense, depending on weapon type) and once or twice roleplayed lingering injuries (broken nose, that kind of thing) but really, there should be mechanics to hinder and guide players away from just going to a medic and being tip-top shape in a few minutes.

I think even having some agreed upon rules as players would improve the experience. Some sort of condition that says we can't fix that. Might even be worth expanding to a separate thread on what medical tech to we have at our disposal.
I prefer the transhumanist theme that you CHOOSE to keep an imperfection or injury for sentimental or philosophical reasons rather than some kind of cloning fluff that explains why the street sam who has died a thousand times keeps the distinctive limp.
The only issue with that is it means the character can only do it for that specific reason. What about situations where it's something forced on the character as a punishment or reminder? Something they wish constantly wasn't something they have to live with but they don't have a choice.
If you brand somebody with the mark of zorro, and then they die, just go rebrand them. Alternatively, strongarm them into incorporating the deformity into their next clone update.

Endless opportunities for torture, maiming, and general ghastliness.

I think cloning is a great way for players to have a self-policed reset button for certain things. If you've been branded with something embarrassing or given a disability, the next time you clone, you can opt out or continue with the trend.

Some players will lean into it, others won't, but allowing the players the choice gives them a lot of great agency to not be forced to play constantly mutilated or disfigured characters, when that might not be their jam.

The caveat is obviously players who just kill themselves, which should still be frowned up, but ultimately I see the current policy for cloning as a healthy one.

I agree with kroack and HolyChrome. This feels like it should remain a narrative device rather than a coded game mechanic. Let people write the emotional scars that they want to write.
Could make it so the technology is fallible, lorewise. Give people room to be fucked up without choosing to be ICly.
Alternatively, strongarm them into incorporating the deformity into their next clone update.

Someone clue me about how this is an IC choice? Let's not canonize something which has always been strictly an OOC matter.

I'd find threatening someone to keep a disfigurement at their next clone scan is acceptable. The help cloning article has both an IC and OOC section on this.
Lemme rephrase, I personally wouldn't mind this kind of RP, but I could see how it veers into opt in torture territory.

This is the sort of thing I'm talking about. Narrative understanding between players. Some thoughts would be maybe you're only by law allowed to check off so many clone adjustments. There has to be some IC rules and regulations. Like, age, how does that play in? Obviously you can't opt for the youth model clone. What about dealing with arthritis and these things? Where does Genetek draw the line? I think these are interesting topics to consider when building around game lore.

Johnny once proposed an explanation to this that I still love to this day. I apologize if my summary of it is a bit mangled from the original. I am also not saying this is canon.

Genetek spits you out in a body designed not to make you go bonkers from 'this is not my body syndrome'. This means that for some you come out with scars and old badly healed wounds and the like because those are key to that person seeing them as them.

While another person's self image might not be tied as much to their scars and wounds. So Genetek spits out a clone as perfect as it can be while not making the subject go (more) insane.

This is why I might have a PC of mine clone out with scars that they have had for a while but not with scars or wounds they haven't had for a long time. It's just my preference.

I am just as fine with someone cloning out with every scar and wound they ever had or cloning out baby fresh every time. If it fits with their character and preferences, there is an easy IC excuse to justify it,