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Clone Angel Chicken
Topside Chicken restaurant

Mixer Chicken topside should only exist as a circus attraction. We need the lords chicken.

chicken should definitely exist topside
It does, but it makes me feel dirty
yeah because it isn't clone angel chicken
I think with the class divide down to so much as someone calling someone else out for wearing an article of clothing designed by a mix company, someone walking around with a early progia model, riding the lev, etc, then it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine there is a stigma to even being seen talking to the cashier at one of these disgusting establishments.

Hard working men and women and all those others deserve quality chicken at quality prices with superior service to further the great divide.

To me this is generally true but a lot depends on how your RP it. If you just come off as a cheapskate, yes, it should cause you problems. I could, however, imagine some characters being able to dress in mixer clothes and eat mixer food as a part of a carefully crafted image or by applying some of the novelty angle Grizzly666 mentioned. One prominent NPC has done this very well actually.
I guess we all know who prefers Popeyes now...
That prominent NPC is very much the exception to the rule though, no?

I don't think any other corporate NPC or PC would be caught dead in today's climate, trying to even ape Mixer fashions.

I agree with HC here, I think that NPC is basically exempt from the rest of the rules and if you try to pull off what he's done, unless you're a very specific archetype and very obviously doing the 'crafted image' route, it's not going to work well.
This would actually make for good IC fodder, IMO. Why not start a campaign to have them routed from Cordoba? Break out the e-note.
i like this idea so i made a logo for it

Praise be
Maybe something like Chickternal's? If this is supposed to be an Eternalist run operation and proud of it, then make it a name related too it.

Some suggestions.


House of the Eternal Chicken

Chik Clonae

As long as they say “My pleasure” after delivering the chicken, then the name is not a giant concern.
Needs to have bomb-ass oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

And CA-Chick Sauce. Bless that clone chicken with the holiest of dips.

Pope Yes

(I misread Popeyes)

There could be potential here for religious/chicken based conflict. The Clone Angel Colonel doesn’t click around.