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Client Split Pane
Allowing more options for text handling

I'm sure Sindome is nowhere near the worst offender for overloading players with feedback, but I do think it's fair to say that many players begin to struggle when the text output starts to ramp up.

There's a lot of ways of dealing with huge amounts of scrolling text (I manage it with a gigantic portrait terminal with tweaked fonts and easy-on-the-eyes colors, but there's a lot of other client-side improvements that end up disallowed because (as far as I know) everything has to be web client parity.

I admit I have not the slightest idea how complex it would be to implement, but one thing I think a lot of clients do that Sindome would benefit from is an optional separate text pane for SIC. All the major elements fit in 100 characters and on most 16:9 displays it makes more efficient use of screen real estate.

Failing an official option to do this in the web client, loosened rules to allow for this type of client side configuration would help a lot of players with overload I think.

I would love a split pane for OOC.
Yes, OOC channels are other great candidates I didn't think of! I never used any of them because I found them immersion breaking but having them in their own area would change that effect I think.
I cannot believe how long I spent making this dumb mockup.

Ooh I love that actually. Would make brain-world and real-world a lot more distinct
I like it for screens that are big enough.

I often play on a laptop though, without as much real estate, or sometimes play in smaller windows as I multitask with other things on my screen. Something like this would be wonderful as an option, but not as welcome as a mandatory feature.