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Cleaning Robots
For Cleaning and Espionage!

I would love cleaning based robots. They could function off similarly existing robotic patrol modules, and would automatically clean up messes. I'm thinking these would be higher end to be limited to corporations and fancy topside pads, and be limited to a specific area or set of rooms (Lets say the NLM ScrubBot2000 can only function in NLM rooms) BUT they would be able to be connected to by outside riggers of specific skills like you normally do to allow for an interesting method of corporate and topside espionage. Maybe there is a cooldown and it only lasts a certain period of time, maybe it doesn't, but the idea of having a bot that isn't in your control all the time but could be used as a tool to say...sneak in through locked doors as it does its route or spy on meetings and get snippets, would be very interesting and CP.

Thoughts appreciated. This isn't to make a topside FeliBot to be used everywhere, this is the specific area use cases that could be used for interesting plots and keep certain locations that are meant to have hundreds of cleaning staff seem clean even if there aren't players in cleaning roles.