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Clarify Tailoring Failure Message
Indicate it's a character failure not a systems one

Currently when you go to @name a project and are presumably not good enough, you get an error that looks a bit like this.

You can't seem to turn material into name

I'd propose a slight change in wording.

You aren't good enough to turn material into name

This turns it from a vague error, that could be a bug from the sound of it, to something that clearly indicates what the problem actually is. Which is that you are attempting something beyond your level.

One problem with this is that you are actually making rolls. There is a random element here. So it sin't always clear if you failed due to having bad stats/skills and are unlikely to even manage or if you failed because of a bad roll and could usually manage just fine. I think that is why the message is as it is.
This is a good point, hadn't realized there was a random element to the checks as of yet. Figures there would be though.