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Chrome from corpses.
Harder to get?

I've recently become aware that, once a character dies, any cyberware on their person simply becomes an item on their person, which can be taken just as easily as any other. With your bare hands. As in, you rip out the carefully installed, delicate chrome in meaty chunks with your bare fists. Which seems a little silly.

I propose that, to loot cyberware from a corpse, you need to enlist the help of a medical character. A ripper doc! Taking chrome from a dead body would probably be far easier than installing it, in regards to skill checks, but it seems like something an untrained guy wouldn't be able to do with much success. To make it so taking chrome is still viable, maybe make it so that chrome in a corpse won't decay until the corpse itself decays fully? Not sure about that, but there's my first idea about it.


Yes, totally agree.

However, I think it should revert to the current system if the corpse reaches a certain state of decay.

I believe this has been discussed before, I'm not sure what the conclusion was... But +1. I agree. In fact in the past I just -assumed- that was how it was done IC. Caused me to go on a real goose chase trying to retrieve chrome from a corpse that had already been looted.
Discussed here before.

Still never really came to a conclusion. The only thing I see is a staff member mentioning that it will be harder to corpse clone you without the body being left. But that has nothing to do with the topic.

The cyberware on death is not immersive and silly. There should be some type of activity involved in getting it out of the corpse, whether that's a guy with a sharp knife and a bunch of tugging or a precision surgeon with a scalpel.

In the meantime, it couldn't hurt as a community to start policing ourselves and toss that work the way of a surgeon, if we're all in agreement on this.
If code doesn't regulate it, people are going to go the route of GET ALL FROM CORPSE, over sicing a surgeon or dragging the body all over the place to find one.

Unfortunate truth is that players need code to keep them honest.


Players are generally honest about things like information gained through meta, or not messing with a sleeper who's obviously suffering from connection issues, or trying to kill a sleeper through athmospheric damage etc.

But yeah, there should be some code. Because it's easy to get killed or robbed while hauling a corpse to the ripper doc while being a good player and rping something that isn't coded.

No, this is a stupid idea as Slither pointed. This is where we say its only a game and stop trying to make it realistic. Well, you want to make RP for others, ripperdocs, but you want to take away more RP than you make. WCS PC's suddenly become useless, players can no longer corpse clone, I'm heavily against this. If you didn't get the jest of the topic linked discussing this idea already, it was a no.
I think you're looking at it too simply though.

Just because it was not done in the exact vein it was proposed doesn't mean there isn't a way to make it work.

Corpses for example. Say they decay over time and actually become harmful in enclosed locations, like a doctors office. The doctor will then have to get rid of the body, easiest way? WCS or dump it on the street for WCS to come get anyways.

That's just one Idea of how to get over the fact it's totally unrealistic as it currently sits. I have to have a doctor of skill put it into me, but when I die it just detaches from my flesh and sitting with my pile of chyen? Talk about immersion breaking.

If you're more worried about WCS getting the stuff from the corpse, then that's a selfish reason not to make the game more immersive and realistic.

And before everyone says, it just is how it is, then why don't we just make a machine that allows you to buy the cyberware and installs it for you? We are eliminating the doctor element on the uninstall, why not just eliminate it on the install too, since you seem so bothered by being forced to roleplay out the removal.

"[…]Talk about immersion breaking.[…]"

Yeah, I'm going to say that you don't really get to talk about "immersion breaking". Try making an effort actually immersing yourself in the game, and then we'll see.

As for this idea, while it's a good one in principle, it has some practical concerns right now that makes it sadly unrealistic. That might change down the road, but as of right now, it is what it is.

Also if you would like it to be your way about this, then chrome stays rotting at its usual progression, no exceptions - just because its in a corpse. Its in a corpse when it becomes 'LOOT' and you as a PC are suppose to be RP'ing that you dug the chrome out, not looking at it as the player. (That's a lot of rotten chrome)
Oh wait. I'm sorry I don't stand up to your level of RP that you'd enjoy.

Nice dick way to address it.

There are no practical concerns I've seen in this post or the other besides the fact people don't want to change the way it works out of fear.

If you never try anything different, you're gonna always do shit the same.

I personally would rather see something fail instead of simply avoid it for fear of failure.

Slither didn't say it was a stupid idea, InflictedPsycho.
Didn't mean it like that, sorry. I'm against this idea though mainly because of the reason you had pointed out though. If we find a go around, then let's appeal it.
Hey, can we maybe cut down on the dickishness? We do that IC, not OOC.

Anyway, to address the concerns that have been raised.

WCS PC's suddenly become useless, players can no longer corpse clone

1: Who says the WCS will become useless? Who do you think handles the body once the doc finishes their work? What, are they just going to live with the corpse in the OR? That's unsanitary, gross, and most importantly, smelly.

2: This implies that anyone with chrome doesn't have their own clone, and would need to be corpsecloned to keep playing.

Both of these points also seem to hinge on everybody having chrome. The streets won't suddenly be free of bodies once skill is required to gouge chipsets from their skills.

About the dickish comments, warranted or otherwise: Jago, for all his initial blunders, has at least learned how to keep things IC. Let's follow his good example, lest we lower the level of discourse once again.

I'm all for this change. As far as I can tell, the corpse can simply not allow the chrome to be taken without some additional command, such as gouge being applied, with gouge being the least sophisticated way to get it, and more precise ways for doctors to do their job. Players can still get the chrome without a ripper doc, but it will be damaged. There's already a way that this works and is highly effective.

This would ensure that nothing about the current corpse mechanic would need to change. Nor the corpse clone mechanic, except to say that they would be cloned minus the gear that got gouged/extracted. Tank cloning would still result in a total loss.

To address the two main points against this idea:

1: WCS becomes useless. As was already mentioned, the ripper doc isnt going to the keep the corpse. Once the procedure is done to rip the chrome from the body, it will get tossed, or the doc or the person bringing the corpse can call their buddy in the WCS to come and quickly dispose of the body.

2:Corpse cloning. If the person who died has someone trying to clone them, they would have to know where they died and be there before the body can be moved or tack down whoever took it before they get it to the ripperdoc. Creates more conflict after the conflict. Attack of the body snatchers. lol