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Choose Height
Between a minimum and maximum number.

This was a thing I thought about yesterday. One might add, you don't choose your IRL height. No, but you also don't choose your eye color, hair color, skin color or heritage, nor your biological sex. SO, why can you choose any of these in chargen but not your specific height?

This may seem trivial, but it honestly matters a whole lot to me and I have sometimes considered rerolls because they've gone so wrong. It can be funny to get all kinds of random heights. It can also be very weird. I don't think anyone would abuse this, as people can already choose between three levels of height.

It feels like this was originally made to be overly complicated. Why not simply set a limit so that no one can be too small or too tall? Like, no smurfs and no giants. I've seen this in other text RP games, and I don't see why it can't be done here. Unless the system would completely break, I suggest that staff please give this a thought.

Thanks for reading. If it's dumb or has been proposed before, i apologise. I know I was one of those nagging about wanting height/weight to match (for instance, choosing thin and short, you might've gotten a weight that was average for a short person from a realistic PoV). To me this isn't a dumb or silly request, as I take many details into thought when I make my characters. Even those that may not be mentioned outside my own head.

Yes please. "Thin and short" also often tends to create uncomfortably small people, folks whose height and weight are more consistent with being a child than an adult.

Without extra coding, this could be handled as a policy change: if the height and weight you roll at character creation isn't what you want, you are entitled to a single @service-request within the first two weeks of your character to set them to values of your choosing within the general "band" (short/thin/tall/etc) you set at CG.

I wanna clarify, they did actually change so that height and weight matches. But the thing I need now is to be able to choose the exact height after choosing 'short', 'average' or 'tall'.
@Pavane also made a really good suggestion. Either works.

I also want to add that people argue you can change your height through IC means, but that's not the point here. This isn't about what my character wants, this is about what i want. Sometimes, playing a height your character feels insecure in, is part of the vibe you want to give off. There's many different reasons for it. When I create my character, I don't do so from my character's PoV. I create a character I think will be interesting to play.