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Chef's Table Analogy in Bars/Restaurants
Non-fat no whip grande latte with three pumps of--

While I know that mixing alcoholic drinks has been discussed before and would require a lot of backend creation, but I think it'd be fairly easy to pop in a renamed chef's table as an 'espresso machine' at Bizou or a 'sushi bar' at Rong or a 'flat top grill' at Rosa's to allow players to do a bit more custom work for tips and mainly RP as people flock to get their custom food made, while also making PC bartenders a more valued choice.

Get a great item used more while having angry corpies complaining about their BLT having tomato on it.

I have never seen a chef's table so I am not familiar with how they work and what they are capable of.

But if there is an item that allows practically limitless food / beverage creation, I think it is a great idea to repurpose it as a "bar".

I played a bartender and I liked "mixing drinks", but at the end of the day no matter how I posed creating a whiskey drink, ,at the end of the day the other characters were still drinking "a shot of Jack Daniels". It would have been cool to have been able to do something as simple as creating "A rum and Coke".

The chef's table works based on the existing ingredients of your kitchenette. Drinks like coffee and alcohol don't have ingredients. It's require re-working dozens and dozens of objects from scratch. It was painful enough to do the food for the cultural sectors, I don't envy anyone taking on the task of doing this for all our drinks.

Sounds like a huge time investment for minimal payoff.

Chef's tables aren't like kitchenettes or bars where you just stock "supplies" and are done with it? They require individual ingredients? (fish, beef, vegetables, etc.)?

They read reciped ingredients in the kitchenette, and those ingredients are available in the chef's table to be used to create other custom recipes. The custom recipes are saved on your player object. So only YOU know how to make what you created, etc.

But yes, it's dependent on what's in the kitchenette from the grocery stores.

I think the meat of the request is to allow "chef's table" to appear as "espresso bar" or "chef's table, fitted as an espresso bar" for flavor points.
Why allow them to appear if they don't work? Just integrate a non coded object with that name at the bar and let people pretend to use them?