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Check quick/lite/streetterm
A simple, but helpful verb.

We have grid notifications at show up when one is conscious and near a gridterm to inform one of new posts and gridmails. How about a simple verb 'check' on said terminals to allow a character to check if the have any new notifications on the grid. I, obviously, don't know how the system actually works, but it seems to me this would not be all that difficult and would allow everyone to stay more on top of grid activity, without always having to take the time to long in, just to find there's nothing new on the grid.

Also, use the grid more, chummers!

I am a big fan of "check"!
I see an OOC justification (expeditious interaction for your character with the IC grid) but not an ICly reason this should/would be a thing.
Well, if you look at your smartphone, even a glance, you can see if you have new email, texts, missed calls, etc...Seems a gridterm 85 years in the future could offer the same.
This runs into what 'we' OOC/IRL believe will be present 85 years in the future vs what is IC 85 years in the future. Two very divergent things.

In 85 years I absolutely do not expect a Progia7 to be the baseline model of 'phone' available, but in the game that is what is present.

For the game, I think taking a moment of OOC -and- IC time to login to the grid is themely and reasonable given what is presented ICly.

True, there were the bombs and wars and plagues so tech is different.

Plus, it is Withmore. There seems to be better tech outside Withmore at least in some areas.

But since the term does tell you you have a new message already when it first comes to you, something that might let you know when you wake up and have a term at hand (in a similar sense) could be useful or interesting.

If the term can already identify you and immediately know what the read status is on your inbox and will notify you of it even if you are across the street, there is no known IC reason that it suddenly isn't able if you approach the thing.

Just have a button on the pedestal it rests on you press when you "check". ICly, it just uses the same or similar tech it does to recognize you from afar but just up close.

What ruzihm said.
there is no known IC reason

ICly, if it;s a StreetTerm we're talking about, and it was going to squawk at you as you approached, I wouldn't make it tell you the status of your inboxes and forum updates, I'd make it do something else which I'm already thinking about coding up for you to enjoy and for your character to be annoyed with.

The feature being asked for here would be a feature of an expensive, premium deck. ICly. If I coded it up, I'd raise prices or introduce a new, more-expensive item.

OOCly, there are things which make it very hard to bring this information into the MOO in an on-demand fashion, as opposed to the realtime pings we're used to seeing when the grid lights up and we're actually logged into the game and carrying a term on our characters.

For some reason I thought there was a notification when a player walks into a room with a streetterm and they happen to have new mail at that time. Something like "Room Title. Here's a room description. There is a StreetTerm here. You have 1 new gridmail." Am I mistaken? I'm not talking about pings that occur immediately when a new thing appears--I can understand why that would be a completely new feature. And if that's all that there is, nevermind and you can disregard the rest of this post.

But, if I'm not mistaken:

ICly, I don't really see how this is a new feature when it's already being done automatically. Typically, you'll make a prototype of a thing, then make a manual trigger to debug the thing, then build up the automation to trigger it instead.

If NLM (or whoever) contractors who were hired to design and install these things went to the street term meeting and said "well they already do it automatically. To have a button that does it would take another week of work, minimum" they'd just get laughed at and told to get it done by COB that day. But you're right that NLM could just choose to take that "feature" and throw it in with the premium edition street term. That's a legit + underhanded tactic I'd expect from a corp.

OOCly, if it's a problem, I can understand that just some things aren't viable, and there's not much more discussion to have about that without more details.